Samsung Australia hit up Gizmodo AU yesterday to inform them that they are looking to bring the Nexus S to Australia, and are quite exciting to do so. We share that excitement, Samsung. When they have worked out what’s going on, they’ll let us all know. No doubt there will a Carrier or two looking to stock this bad boy.

โ€œSamsung Electronics Australia is excited at the prospect of bringing the Nexus S to Australia. We are currently reviewing our options on how to bring this to market locally and look forward to sharing more details at a later stage.โ€

Anyone planning on holding off any future device purchases until solid news of availability is out? Or is the Nexus S just not your thing?

Source: Gizmodo AU.
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Maybe the GPS will work in this one. I have an IDEOS and my wife has a Galaxy S. The GPS in the IDEOS is fantastic the one in the Galaxy S is hopeless.


Yes indeed…nexus S is the galaxy S hardware without the samsung bloat ware/ RFS filesystem. the nexus S is what the galaxy S should had been..(ie a truly fast phone!) anyone had put voodoo on the galaxy S? man it flies…(ie change the RFS to EXT4) frustrations with GPS and lag…..had put me off the galaxy S …so wife has my galaxy S (a brand new one!) and I have now a htc desire HD..(man that runs quick!) s….is not really as amazing…as soon as the other get wont be that special…and as soon as cyanogen… Read more ยป


“working out how” Give us a break, just ship some container-loads in to the usual distributors. You know what to do Samsung!


If I didn’t already have a Nexus One and this phone was out, I’d grab it. The only thing that would top it would be a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, _good_ specs and with good assurance that it will be updated quickly for new Android versions (like the Nexus One).


so its on par with the galaxys in terms of specs…i was hoping the rumors of it being dual core to be true…
anyways, i will belive it when i see it…..
samung + carriers have been playing the hype up and wait game too long for me…
don’t believe them..


No, the galaxy S specs are higher/better




If the phones are so similar hopefully some genius works out how to port this build of 2.3 to the Galaxy S.


Does it really not have a microSD slot? Saw that in some specs but assumed it was an error or just unconfirmed because if its true its DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS!!! Anyways, I do hope that Samsung won’t make a mockery of Australians by upping the price, that would warrant sever flamage (hint hint).


Prefer to wait 12 mths for Galaxy s gingerbread update!
(Tongue in cheek samsung)


if it comes out in the next month for the same price as the galaxy s(it should not be more expensive as it is the same hardware) then i will consider it, but i would prefer the desire Z.


I might be interested but it is probably going to be too expensive for what I want to pay.

I was thinking one reason why they might have not included removable memory is they are trying to move everything to the cloud and so the on board should be plenty for most things and anything larger you access via the Internet. This philosophy I am sure would please the telephone networks with the extra data usage.


Motorola Olympus is my next phone (dual core tegra 2 phone that runs 850 for next g).. (Jan 5 CES announcement to come) release a few weeks later.

I wished we had a dual core pure google phone, but it looks like they couldn’t get it out in time ๐Ÿ™


I don’t see this phone being in very much demand to be honest. Compare it to Desire HD or Galaxy S, and it doesn’t compete


Huh? It is a Galaxy S, without the shitty Samsung software, without the shitty Samsung lag-inducing multiple flash chips, and with a camera LED. The only downside I can see is the lack of MicroSD slot.

Cheat Hacker

only down side lack of MicroSD slot ? No… there are other things such as battery life, Bluetooth version etc.

I do agree about Samsungs lack of software support.


I read the comparison already. Battery life estimates on the Galaxy S are total bullshit, I think what you’re seeing is just a difference in accuracy. Bluetooth 3.0… meh, do you have any bluetooth 3.0 devices?


Why would I offer to help people get this phone? Cause I figured it would be helpful? Sometimes when you get to my age helping people is what you do! No one may take up the offer but at least people have the opportunity!


Philantrophy and helpfulness is not the mantra of corporate telecommunications companies. Making money is.

james (bunnbash)

If anyone wants me to grab them a Nexus S while I am here in America – go to the forums, and check out my post in the google phones section…


Nexus S released in Australia would be great, but even better than that would be a 2.3 release for the current Galaxy S. Samsung seems keen to push the Nexus S to Australian markets, hopefully they’re keen to push the latest firmware too…

Though with the 2.2 experience, proabably not haha.


I would grab a Nexus S if Google promised 720p capture in an update soon. The Galaxy S does it easily! S’up with that el gooG?

It’s the Galaxy S without lag, why wouldn’t I want that? Lack of microSD doesn’t bother me, I’ve got my Tab with me all the time, for extra storage.

In a world where Carriers & Manufactures are frustrating us with ‘OS update lag’ I could laugh it off with a Nexus S.

I wonder if there are any benchmarks for the Nexus S online yet? *zips off to youtube* ๐Ÿ˜‰


Although I think the Nexus S is sexy as, bare in mind that essentially it is an unlocked Galaxy S minus removable media (microSD):


Ahh I see this was already mentioned a couple of times on the Nexus S annoucement post on Ausdroid ๐Ÿ™‚


True… but the Galaxy S has no flash… having said that I’d still prefer the Galaxy over the nexus (which luckily I own). I was worried that I’d missed out on something cool… but the Nexus S just doesn’t look that exciting… sadly. No fm chip either?


I’m holding on to my Nexus One until the Nexus S or the Playstation Android phone make an appearance. One of them will be my next upgrade.


I can’t imagine getting this phone when there’s 1.2 and 1.5ghz phones around the corner, but that’s just me.

For those that absolutely need a new phone in the next couple of months, this is obviously a good option.