See, being a business man/woman is all about looking the part. Optus Business clearly understands this, so they’ve put together two of the classiest devices available, the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab for only $89 a month. Of course you will be swapping your SIM in and out of each device as you use them, but we hardly think that’s a deal breaker here. The whole deal will set you back $2136 over two years and includes $700 of txt & calls as well as 2GB of data.

You can check out our Galaxy Tab review if you need a little extra persuading.

Source: Optus Business.
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Would be nice if I could upgrade my current plan to include this ha. Had it for two months. Id happily pay that for both.


hmm, my engrish is fail tonight, sure you can translate it though :p


Not a bad price

But I would have thought I’d come with two sims linked to the one account

I guess you could always tether off the Galaxy S providing you have it on you


For $15, more you can get a 2nd sim + small amount of extra data shared between the two devices.

Pretty sure I posted about this the other week, could be wrong. Yeah anyway it essentially works out at $660 odd for the tab from what I worked out just getting the Galaxy S on the $59 plan.

Was last weekend I went into a O shop and spoke to them about it >.> something might have changed since then.

Gee Man

This is probably one of the most interesting contract offerings I have seen from a carrier ever, regarding swapping sim cards you could probably wifi tether the Galaxy tab to the phone to allow 3G access assuming the devices are always together..

I think the real solution would be to have two sim cards linked to the same data plan so you wouldn’t have to worry about swapping sims or wifi tethering, being 2010 (nearly 2011) maybe I’m naive in believing this would be possible 😛