There’s nothing better than a good ol’ leak, this time it’s Samsung’s PR Plan for their launch event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Lo and behold, there’s a Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 announcement tucked neatly at the lower end of their evening’s plan. Both devices are meant to kick some technological butt, so we’re ready to either have our minds blown or hopes shattered when these two beasts are announced in just over 2 weeks. Bring on MWC!

Source: Samsung Hub.
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Lucas Burnett

Story on Samsung Hub has been pulled by the looks


Sux that your review copy was good & your own is dodgey.


What’s going on with yours Buzz? It should be running smoothly as it’s brand new!


Gonna be spewing if the Tab 2 is Super Amoled Plus & Dual Core. Nah, stuff it, I’m more than happy with my Tab anyway.


I’m attending a Samsung Australia press conference on 14th Morning Sydney time. Hopefully with demo units of the Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 to look at