There a heap of cool, and not so cool, devices hitting the market in the near future, a lot of which are headed to Australia which is always nice. So we want to hear from you, the intelligent, Android loving Aussies that will be looking to buy said devices. As always I’ll be in the comments wanting to know your thoughts on your favourite device.

For me personally, I’m loving the Galaxy S II. Super AMOLED +, Dual-core, 1080p video recording. All the stuff you want in a phone, but will never take full advantage of, that’s usually how it is yeah? 😉

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    Wayne Fitzsimons

    Waiting on the “Herotab MID816” Android 2.2 Flash 10.1 1.2GHz 8GB HDMI to be delivered while I wait for the Samsung Tablet (or less likely the Xoom) to be released here in Oz.


    On Order Pioneer Dreambook Epad H10 Hd.
    Honeycomb goodness!!!!!!

    Khiem H

    Motorola Xoom and Nexus S.


    Looking forward to Galaxy S 2, although my friend gets his Atix tomorrow dammit.


    Looking forward to Galaxy S 2, although my friend gets his Atix tomorrow dammit.

    Michael Bye

    The Toshiba Tablet is the one i want.


    none! they all look like clones.


    I’ve never owned an LG phone, but on specs and styling, I’m looking forward to the Optimus 2X. Damn handsome phone.


    Archos 101 :p

    Wayne Fitzsimons

    I had an Archos 101 on order for ages (cancelled) and the release date kept going back all the time to the point where it will be outmoded when the new crop of other brands arrive shortly.


    sing along folks – xoom xoom xoom

    Annoying Old Fart

    I’m still happy with my Ideos… don’t see a better combination of features and value so far. So put me down as “none of the above” 🙂


    Good point! What ever happened to the Ideos X6 (if I’ve got the nomenclature correct)?
    I fear Huawei will lose the window of opportunity on this device…

    Annoying Old Fart

    Available in a few different places… but not Australia so far.


    Waiting for the wifi xoom


    Where is the SE. Arc/Neo?


    Where is the SE. Arc/Neo?


    Zoom all the way. I prefer Sam tab2 he but with samsungs software update history I will never purchase a Sam. Still no official cm7 for sgs… wonder why.

    Matthew Palsson


    Suck it Samsung

    Motorola Xoom FTW..that tablet is so amazing, looks, UI and functionality It’s got it all!


    i actually like the look of the LG Optimus 3D, although i don’t have any experience with LG and have previously stayed away from it cos i get the vibe that they’re usually crap. and i’m not sure if 3D is that necessary? still, it looks impressive


    Like the look of the Sony Ericsson xperia arc. Small internal memory is my only concern. Not sold on the galaxy s II. Need to improve the touchwiz skin. My wife’s galaxy s us so buggy.


    Mid year when my current plan runs out, I’ll be uploading 1080p videos shot on my HSPA+ SGS II to youtube over nextG and I will be happy 🙂 Can’t wait for some pseudo 4G speed finally.

    PS. Loving the new commenting system Buzz.


    Like the majority, I am very impressed with the Galaxy S II, but being a Vibrant owner I know better than to give Samsung my vote or future business.


    Sony Ericsson Arc, don’t really care for dual core phones.

    Justin Harvey

    so many people looking forward to the SGS2. what does this have over the others apart from the super AMOLED plus screen, don’t get me wrong im sure it will be an amazing piece of kit just like the first but its just not exciting to me like what the SE play could be.


    I’m looking forward to the LG Optimus Black. This could be the ‘sleeper’ of the bunch; super slim, super bright (great for outdoors in Aus) and more than enough oomph for 90% of buyers.
    It’s minimalist design could be brilliant but will have to wait to see one…


    Waiting for CTIA or failing that for LTE compatible phones launched by Telstra later this year


    Galaxy tab 10.1

    Lucas Burnett

    need to be able to select more then 1 🙁 hahahah

    Buzz Moody

    Now now, let’s not get greedy!


    oh, why is Nexus S there?

    Buzz Moody

    Google paid us.


    HTC Flyer

    Buzz Moody

    Seriously? It looks like they’ve whipped it up in hopes of a quick buck before they launch proper honeycomb tablets.


    … that’s what samsung did with the Galaxy Tab, you bought that.

    Buzz Moody

    Circumstances were very different then. There were no other viable choices for Tablets on the market so Samsung quickly jumped in with a device which isn’t all that bad, given its launch date.

    Launching something with similar specs now just doesn’t cut it.


    I was drooling at the thought of what HTC were going to bring out, but the Flyer is just not “it”. I think I prefer the smaller form factor, when compared to the 10″ tablets, but I’ll wait for what comes next’…