Overnight, Motorola Xoom pricing got all official at $799 for 3G/4G and $600 for WiFi-only.

At these price points, the WiFi only version is closely comparable with the iPad sans 3G, however the 3G/4G version is a little pricier.

I think we all know which of the iPad or Xoom we’d choose, right? It will be very interesting to see how Motorola prices these locally, given dollar parity at the time of writing.

Here’s hoping we don’t end up paying Australia tax on these as we do with say.. Apple.

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Cannot understand how any of these tablets expect to compete with the iPad at these price points. Is there any real competition for the iPad 3G at a similar or better price point?

Dylan Waghorne

aus price will probably be like 1k for 3G, since they love to hike prices here, though were on the same level as the US, dollar to dollar

Buzz Moody

This is called the Australia Tax


And that is why we import them and make Gerry Harvey cry.


I would really like to see the ipad2 come with better specs than the xoom. and that will hopefully push the pirces of all these new android tablets down. These prices seem a bit over the top. $800 is a fair bit of money

Lincoln Black

Does the WiFi only one come with all the sensors etc. that would be present on the GSM version (like wifi iPad doesn’t have GPS)? I’ve got a 1.5Gb data plan on my phone I hardly use, would much rather tether to that than drop an extra $200 + an extra data plan.


yes it does, its a xoom with wifi