You heard it here first (or at least, you heard it very quickly).

That’s right, as of about 4 minutes ago, Google announced on Twitter that the Gingerbread update is now rolling out to Nexus One and Nexus S owners. They caution that it may take a few weeks for the OTA to complete (i.e. for your phone to recognise there’s an OTA update available).

However, following simple instructions (given below) you can force your phone to check for an update, and if it’s there, you’ll get it straight away.

If you’re on a Nexus One – this means you can get Gingerbread and enjoy all the new features. For Nexus S owners, who already have Gingerbread, this update provides fixes for annoying bugs (such as random reboots), and updates support for Near Field Communication (NFC).

If you’re running stock firmware on your Nexus One or Nexus S, follow these instructions to see if the OTA update is available to you yet:

  1. Load Settings
  2. Go to ‘About phone’
  3. Go to ‘System Updates’
  4. Check for updates.
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nope still nothing on nexus one on vodafone…. any other vodafone users got 2.3.3 yet?


Nexus one with unlocked bootloader running stock 2.3.3 gingerbread with root access for superuser permissions. On the telstra next G network is some real hot and tasty gingerbread ..

Arthur Koulianos

Nope not ready yet. I have an unlocked Nexus One. Will try again over the weekend.

Arthur Koulianos

Trying it now

Jonathon Creenaune

Has anyone actually got this on their vodafone nexus one yet? Just tried to do a system update and it’s not showing yet …


No update here, just “Your system is currently up to date.”

Justin Harvey

he nexus 1 had come out over here the same time as the US and on a decent plan. would have been my phone 4sure


Can’t catch me I am the Gingerbread Man

John Tounoussidis

Any news on a Galaxy S update?

Chris Rowland

Nope. We may approach Samsung and ask, though.