Recently you may have read that Samsung is feeling the heat from Apple’s iPad 2 announcement. They said something along the lines of their product [Galaxy Tab 10.1] is somewhat inadequate in terms of design and price point. Samsung never gave any indication that they were going back to the drawing board to make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 lighter or cheaper, until now. Sammy have spoken to a Korean news site and confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is on schedule, meaning this beast won’t have any radical new design at all as it has already passed the FCC. What this does mean is that if Samsung want to compete, or easily beat, the iPad 2 they’re going to have to lower the price. Which is the greatest news us early adopters could ever hear.

Hurry up and give us a launch date and price, Vodafone Aus!

Source: Engadget.
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Well since they have said that they feel that the galaxy tab 10.1 is inadequate in terms of thickness n price, and if they are not making any changes it will probably have to be launched at an even lower price than the ipad. Cuz they are going up against the ipad with 4 things, price, thickness/weight, apples app store and the power of the apple brand. So lets just hope that means cheaper prices for us 😀

Buzz Moody

Cheaper than $999 like the original Galaxy Tab would be nice, yeah.


im thinking cheaper than the ipad2 if they want to compete

Buzz Moody

Then I’d like to get my hands on one 😀

I have a Galaxy Tab and love it, but I’d love a larger size.

Lucas Burnett

It’s gotta launch lower then $799 to have a chance i think

Buzz Moody

I have a list somewhere of the prices they need..

Oh here it is!


i think if they can get it around ~$50 cheaper than the 16gb 3g+wifi ipad2, then we have a win!