So how about this, mere hours after we showed you the leaked video of the Xperia Arc on Vodafone, Gizmodo AU have confirmed that the Xperia Arc is indeed headed to Vodafone (duh) and Optus as well. The latter makes sense seeing as though it is in the current Allphones catalogue as ‘coming soon’.

Sony Ericsson did tell us that it would land here within 3 months, so that April release date fits perfectly. Neither Carrier have released specifics such as release day or pricing, just yet. If you’re not up for waiting a month to get your hands on 4.2″ of Bravia-powered fun, you can pre-order the Xperia Arc from our friends at MobiCity. Oh yeah, we’ll be reviewing one as well 😉

Source: Gizmodo AU.
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so much for both of them coming out in apple


I had hands on one last week. The form factor is just fantastic and screen is GORGEOUS. I’m not a fan of the design sensibility (nonsensibility?) in their custom skin though. Blue with horrible white gradient? Ergh. Luckily ADW takes care of that.

I think it’s a great piece of kit. Again, the screen and thinness while still physically feeling like a high end machine are the standout features.

Jake Oliver

Haha, massive photoshop fail on the image showing the arc’s camera screen 🙂

The Arc Launcher isn’t too bad (in fact all the animations and everything are pretty damned sexy, and it’s fairly fast too), I should write a review for it or something (based off the leaked version on xda).

David Anderton

considering the hardware this thing packs it should be fluid as a T1000 in a steel factory but every video i have seen of it looks poo. My GF’s HTC aria is smoother and its running a year old 600MHz CPU on 2.2

Jake Oliver

True, I don’t think its the launcher itself causing the lag though, considering the leaked one is smooth as butter.

Timescape perhaps?


I want it on Telstra

David Anderton

it will be, don’t worry!

David Anderton

if its less laggy by April then maybe…

Buzz Moody

We can only hope.

David Anderton

don’t like our chances though.