GSMArena have picked up a nice scoop today, receiving an image believed to be that of the upcoming HTC Pyramid. Showing the phone turned on and in the phones app drawer, the apps have been blurred out, but what it does point to, is the rumoured qHD screen resolution. Showing a Desire HD next to it, you can see that the Desire HD has a 4×5 run of apps in the drawer, while the Pyramid has a 4×6. GSMArena have done the math and have come up saying that the resolution of the 540×960 qHD gives a yield of 45% more pixels in relation to the Desire HD’s WVGA resolution of 480×800.

Other interesting things they found were, the specs, although unconfirmed, it was stated the Pyramid packed a 1.2GHz dual core processor, 768MB RAM, an 8 mega pixel shooter, DLNA and Sense UI 3.0, all running under Android 2.4. Will we see this at CTIA this week? maybe, hopefully.

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The Pyramid is the EVO 3D right? Same device right? Except CDMA and GSM.


doubt it… has many of the same rumoured specs but the camera is different (which there are photos of the pyramids back floating around the net)
both look great


If this is indeed dual core and coming out around the same time as Galaxy S2, I might get this only because CyanogenMod always supports HTC stuff.


Want. Now.


please please please be the next nexus 😀

Now that the atirx is out again (locked bootloader anyone??).

Now, off to buy myself some ausdroid swag!


That looks very cool indeed! Can’t wait for an official announcement 😀

Tomas Donovic

Why did I get the desire hd, why?

Ryan Margheriti

The on screen home button indicates no sense ui though, doesnt it?

Ilija Vrtaric

could be, but then again, could not be…. HTC might’ve just left out the Sense UI for the app drawer this time and possibly even other menus… my guess would be that if the app drawer is stock Gingerbread, this could possibly be HTC’s 2.3.3 Sense update

they seem to be doing better and better with every Android handset they release, making Sense just that little bit less bulky/resource hogging everytime.

But once again, just my thoughts! 🙂

Buzz Moody

Prototype software, they always do it.