What you can view above (you’ll have to scale it up to 1080p, of course) is video recorded from Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S II. The device is a prototype so we can’t fully judge the quality of the video, but we can tell you (and show you) that it looks vivid and framerates look fairly good as well. One let down is the amount of Jelly action going on with the video, so we’re hoping Samsung are going to improve the stability settings on the device before it hits stores, carriers & everywhere in between around May 1st. the SGSII is still looking to be my phone for this year, how about you guys? Hit the source link for a full review of the prototype Galaxy S II.

Source: gagadget.
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sorry to double post, but forgot to add Samsungs SoC too in the comparison question! Really, out of these three hardware options, I’d like to know which one is the most future-proofed, and capable of taking and playing great video/image and playing highly demanding games.

UI and stuff like that are not as big of a deal because there is always LauncherPro or custom roms (which knocks out Moto as they’re still insistent on encrytping the bootloader by the sounds of it… so no Atrix!)


Both this, and the stuff from HTC and LG look pretty good, I’m just not sure what to do?? My contract runs out mid-next month and there are so many choices!!!!!!! For me it will come down to what has the most gaming and multimedia features (hopefully not at the expence of battery too much!) But time will tell until all devices are released and we know exactly how they stack up. Speaking of, does anyone know how the new dual core Qualcomm SoC measure against Tegra’s offering? Everyone seems to have an opinion but noone is able to show… Read more ยป


Gorgeous imaging. Dude needs some muscle relaxant, double dose!