Update: A few errors wehere made in this article. My fault, sorry everyone. While getting my information from a number of different sites, I must have got a little confused. The 8.9 indeed comes with the Bluetooth 3.0 and the Tab 10.1 with 2.1, even though that doesn’t make any sense. Also the new 10.1 and 8.9 have a 3 megapixel camera, the older 10.1 still has the 8mp shooter packed inside. MicroSd slot is also included on the new models, whereas the old, it is not.

Like clockwork, Samsung have held their Unpacked event at CTIA and as expected have announced the newest member to the Tab family, the Tab 8.9. However a little surprise was also in store, a redesigned Tab 10.1, shrinking it’s existing 10.9mm frame down to an impressive 8.6mm. That’s thinner then the new iPad 2 – it seems as though¬†Samsung really meant what they said. Everything else about the 10.1 is the same, except Samsung have now said that it will launch with the new version of TouchWiz – version¬†4.0 – which by early accounts doesn’t look to bad.

Getting to the new Tab 8.9, we basically see the same thing in a smaller package, except for the Bluetooth stack: the Tab 8.9 will have Bluetooth 2.1, whereas the Tab 10.1 will have Bluetooth 3.0. Both devices measure the same 8.6mm thick, and feature the same processor, camera and normal internals. They are both being shipped in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G versions. Pricing starts at $469 USD for the 8.9 16GB version up to $599 USD for the 10.1 32GB version. The 10.1 is due to ship early June, whereas the 8.9 early Winter. Now pricing or availability has been made available for Australia as yet.

On that note, the “Limited Edition” Vodafone version that was announced this morning, is the older 10.9mm version. It seems it’s only being called “Limited Edition” because it is just that; it’s the old version, Samsung are only looking towards selling the newer 8.9mm version, so it makes sense that the Vodafone one is limited. Other than the thickness, the internals are still the same and the Tab 10.1 is due to release mid-April. Hit the break for the specs.


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Jody Law

I am really keen for the 8.9 one.


Do we know if they are running Tegras or some other processor yet?

Buzz Moody

I just noticed it says 3MP camera as the main rear camera. Surely that’s not right!?

Lucas Burnett

nope, it’s correct, it maybe they used a 3mp sensor to get the thickness down

Buzz Moody

Kk, I want the 10.1v.


The 8.9 looks good, hopefully Samsung don’t screw it up with their touchwiz skin.

Lopao Lopaolo

will this be a vanilla “google experience” device? Updates android straight from Google?

Lucas Burnett

Doesn’t look like, I have been informed it will run stock Honeycomb with Vodafone bloat, which means carrier approved updates, no vanilla Google update like the Nexus handsets. #Fail

Lopao Lopaolo

well that blows…. waiting for samsung’s update AND vodaphone’s

Lopao Lopaolo


Lucas Burnett

Sorry about the errors everyone, I have update the article with the corrections.

Mikhail Cass

Ooh.. Now we have to decide on if we want a “fatter” Tab, with 8mp Camera or the “Thinner” Tab with just 3mp Camera… The Micro SD thing screws everything up…Pro’s and Con’s..
not too sure about TouchWiz, if 3.0 really is buggy maybe TouchWiz will fix it up?


small correction is that the difference between the old and new 10.1 is that the old 10.1 has a 8mp camera the new one has a 3mp cam. the old one has no micro sd while the new one has a micro sd slot


small correction is that the difference between the old and new 10.1 is that the old 10.1 has a 8mp camera the new one has a 3mp cam. the old one has no micro sd while the new one has a micro sd slot


The article describes the 8.9″ have Bluetooth 2.1 and the 10″ having 3.0, but I think it is the other way around according to the specs in the article.


Nice article Lucas. Thinner, lighter, faster. Now where have I heard that recently?


It’s terrifying that they promote “customised Android experience” like it’s something good. Shows a real disconnect from the marketers to people who actually use their stuff…

Matthew Palsson

Shame about TouchWiz infecting the nice hardware


I think it’s mainly just the dock and added applications and the rest of Honeycomb is mostly untouched. It’s not that bad as I originally thought. Have a look at some preview videos at phandroid. TouchWiz works out well. You get a dock that’s available in all apps. So while browsing Gmail, you can pull up the dock and open a note-taking application that runs atop the Gmail app or you can bring up the phone application as well. That’s pretty cool.

Paul Walker

Will either of these be able to work as a phone (with a Bluetooth headset)?


Yep sure can, they also revealed one that you can carry like a pen, think it’s called the stick maybe.


Are you sure about that? I thought Honeycomb couldn’t only do VOIP calls?