So you may have seen this cool little tidbit that Telstra have added to their site, it’s a list of upcoming software updates coming to phones which they stock, and there’s three of our Android friends on that list. Telstra have the HTC Wildfire listed as getting Froyo in April, which is 2 months past the initial date in February. The update has completed all carrier and Google testing and is now waiting to be pushed out by HTC. The HTC Desire is on track to see the Gingerbread update in June which is a welcome piece of news for Desire owners like myself. Last, but not least, is the Motorola Defy. It may have lost its Blue Tick approval from the Big T, but it will see the Android 2.2 update in the coming months. Telstra is currently testing the software, which usually takes around a month.

Big props to Telstra for taking the step to let users know where they stand in terms of software updates. We hope to see the rest of the carriers do the same in the near future.

Source: Telstra.
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Drew Freyling

Nice work Telstra! – Better than nothing.


Telstra joke more like it, what about all the poor sods waiting for galaxy s update still waiting 4 months after optus released it!


Yeah this is ridiculous. Still waiting for Froyo for Galaxy S.

Sam Stanhope

What about Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo???
Given up

Buzz Moody

I don’t think Telstra know they still stock this phone.


Sam Stanhope

They have actually just released it this weekend, better 6 months later than never


So glad I went with the Desire, way to go Telstra!


Not just the other telcos letting the users know, but manufacturers also for those wh have purchased their phones outright outside of the telcos.