Update: There’s an Incredible S launch event happening this Thursday in Sydney. Thanks for not telling us, HTC.

Well how about this, HTC Australia just announced via their Facebook page that the Incredible S will be making its way to Australia “soon”. They also note that more news is coming this week, and do you know what else is happening this week? Just a little announcement event being held by HTC in London on Wednesday our time Screw that event, there’s one in Sydney on Thursday. The device itself is quite similar to the Desire S, powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 205 graphics, a 4″ Super LCD capacitive display (800×480), 8MP camera that shoots 720p video and HSPA+ 14.4mbit connectivity.

We haven’t got much to go on in regards to which carrier the Incredible S might be going to, but over in the UK the Incredible S is going to Vodafone, so Vodafone AU might jump on board as well.

Source: HTC Australia.
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Mikel Ward

Wow. 1450 mAh battery. That will almost last half a day!


i have this for one month. brought from ebay. nice phone.


It’s coming to Optus.

David Anderton

really? ya got a source?


Not that I can link you to, sorry.


Where did you get this information from?


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say :/

David Anderton

Bet this is heading to Vodafone which sucks, HTC needs to stop with the exclusives


Any news on when the Desire S is coming to Telstra? Will thisbe announces on Wed too??


I want the Pyramid, not some second rate single core phone.


Oh me too


i think that its an odd looking phone. especially with the back. looks like an some1 put an extended battery. problem there is nothign extended about the battery. what advantage of getting this over the other HTC phones?