Update: We are hearing the 18th is an approximate date for the Arc to be launched

And so the sad news continues, first the Neo and now the Arc. Due to unknown circumstances, Optus have issued notices to their stores and dealers to display, telling potential customers that the Xperia Arc has been delayed. The rumours we are hearing is that they will not be available until the last week in April. Let’s hope it doesn’t slip. Hit the break for the notice.

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it could not dial 000


any know when its coming out on each network? dates pls


First the Neo, now the Arc. Wonder how many days before the Play will be hit with delay.


blame mother nature for this!, but if its coming down to global warming then we can blame all ourselves too!

geoff fieldew

I think I read somewhere that it’s due to the tragedy in Japan.

Ian Tester

Yeah, that’d be my guess. Why is this surprising anyone?


I was wondering exactly that myself..


I’m guessing Virgin will have the same problems.

Ilija Vrtaric

all carriers definitely would be with any SE handsets, personally would love to check one out, but am willing to wait as it’s more than a worthy reason due to the catastrophic events that hit Japan recently.


that’s all good but they should release a date so everyone can just chill and wait but like this everyone Is on edge wondering when it will Arive from what I’ve seen its a great Phone but they need it to hit the market now ma there not much being released at the moment but in a month or so We have galexy 2 new htc and new lg hitting the market it arc hits the shelfs now they will sell a lot more Phones