Okay Samsung Galaxy Tab, you’ve had your time to shine, and rip people off. Now it’s time for the big boys to make their way to the forefront of the Tablet scene. Today Telstra decided to cut the price of the original Galaxy Tab by more than half, down to a measly $408 outright, which is a price it really should have launch at to be honest. Their reason for doing so? Well they obviously have newer, more powerful Tablets up their sleeves that are going to have outright prices less than the $840 pricetag that came with the Galaxy Tab at launch. So yeah, whenever you want to announce the Motorola XOOM, Telstra, that’d be cool 🙂

Source: Gizmodo Australia.
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JB HIFI Galaxy Tab reduced to $360 !



@Akshey Dixit

Sorry, missed your post ;D

Akshey Dixit

Jb hifi are doing it for cheaper


getting one tomorow


Wonder how many lemmings will fall for Tel$tra’$ price cut on this, without ever attempting to think: ‘Why has this expensive toy suddenly had its price more than halved?’

Harry H.

I think it’s a bit harsh to think of them/us all as lemmings. If there were no new tablets this would be a great price, and depending on the price of the new tablets this still might be a great price!

Matt McLeod

Yeah, “lemming” is a bit harsh. If what you want is a light, well-built machine with twice the display size of a typical mobile phone, then $400 is a pretty good deal.

I’m giving it some serious thought: the iPad (and other 10″ devices) are too heavy to be a comfortable e-reader for me, and e-ink requires too much faffing about with lighting. Since first poking at a Tab some time back I’d thought it an ideal compromise, except for the crazy pricetag.


I disagree, Harry, as the reason to consider such purchasers of fallen-off-the-trailing-edge hardware, flogged for extra-cheep-clear-out special low prices, as being nothing more than tech toy lemmings, was explained in Ausdroid Podcast 002.

Harry H.

sorry, didn’t catch the podcast and don’t really have the time for such things. What was the reason?

Dylan Waghorne



One can only help that when they get new tablets they’ll release some new data plans that have a higher MRO credit on them. I wouldn’t pay $17 extra a month for a Galaxy Tab. I might consider it for a Xoom, but it would be pushing it then too…