Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the HTC Sensation, aka HTC Pyramid, is finally official and boy, we didn’t see it coming at all! The 1.2GHz Dual-Core powered beast, with its massive 4.3″ Super LCD display is expected to launch in the middle of May on Vodafone UK and other retailers in June. HTC are pushing this device as a multimedia mogul, which will put it head to head with the Xperia Arc which is also another amazing multimedia centric device. It’s also dubbed a ‘Super Phone’. Hit the break for more details and videos.

The all important spec list:

  • Android 2.3 (w/ new Sense UI)
  • 4.3″ qHD Super LCD Capacitive Display
  • 126.1mm x 65.4mm x 11.3mm – 148 grams
  • 768MB RAM / 1GB ROM
  • VGA front-facing Camera
  • 1.2GHz Dual-Core MSM8660 Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU
  • 8MP Camera (1080p @ 30/fps) and Stereo sound recording
  • HSPA+ 14.4Mbit / 5.76Mbit 900/1700/2100 MHz
  • 1520mAh Battery
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n, DLNA, Bluetooth 3.0

HTC are also pushing their new version of Sense UI which is meant to take the user experience to a whole new level. They now allow widgets onto the lock screen, much like widget locker. As usual HTC have gone overboard with the weather widget, adding more animations and sound effects. They’ve also updated the apps, such as the camera which will instantly take photos with no shutter lag and record video with stereo sound and allow you to edit the recorded video on your phone. There’s also HTC Watch which streams TV and Movies to your Sensation, you can purchase or rent said media.

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I effing hope this comes to telstra.. If not, I will be extremely dissapointed and will purchase the Desire/Incredible S (maybe not seeming though they’re not that much better than my original desire)

Stuff going with vodafail or that stupid lame excuse for a service provider “Optus”


only think that puts me off is the battery, hope the dual core will improve the battery, ive heard terrible things about HTC on that front.


HTC seem a little late to the dual-core ball game. I suspect they’ll miss out on some sales here with others like the Galaxy S2 coming out soonish.

Personally I don’t think the Sensation looks very interesting, and Sense is still bleh.


It is very interesting. Please give me more information. I love it, Thanks again.


scratch that last comment .. just read the previous post about it.


Any word on the storage options .. is there any onboard or is it all external?


VERY nice but I think it still needs:
hdmi out
1920+ mAh batterry
and maybe NFC and LTE to be future proof


Agree, hdmi out, bigger battery and NFC are a must!

But knowing Aus, NFC won’t be happening here till 2015, so I would have been through 4 different phones by then!

Buzz Moody

I don’t think any of the manufacturers are worried about future proofing. Surely that would go against their business model.

Lucas Burnett

it would indeed, there is no reason to blow the competition out of the water if you already have a commanding share of the market. HTC have that with Android.


so true, guess we need more competition first.
wp7 and meego will hopefully provide that.
even apple leaves out important features so that they can force people to upgrade each year…


It’s got HDMI built into the Micro USB port.


Doesn’t excite me. Another big blocky phone from HTC, matching the specs of the other dual core phones without surpassing them. Not as thin as some. No really special selling point other than being a faster Desire HD, basically. I’d love to see the real world battery life on it, though.

If you’re upgrading in a few months this would make a lot of sense as your new buy, don’t get me wrong, it just doesn’t scream must-have to me.


Hmmmmmmmm still no news from Telstra. I was hoping they would have had an announcement ready. I will get this phone if it goes to Telstra but forget about Vodafail.

Nathan Elcoate

Without a doubt my next phone, thanks for sharing 🙂


Well I can confuse my brother more by adding this to the list of possible android devices when his contract is due in may. I just added the arc too care of your review.

Jake Oliver

I was quite impressed with the fluid dynamics at the start.

Dammit, I hate studying 3d animation.


when does it come Australia? Telstra or Vodafone?


The 3G radio is 900/1700/2100, which would equate to Optus/Vodafone again. There might be a NextG compatible version to follow.

Telstra must be really starting to hate AT&T’s lack of commitment to Android. It’s undoubtedly the main reason why manufacturers continue to be slack about producing versions of their phones compatible with the 850 band. If AT&T isn’t in for a phone, no-one’s going to prioritize making a version just for Telstra and a couple of Canadian telcos, not when a 900/2100 will service most of the world.


Now this is what i’ve been waiting for 🙂
Since it’s HTC, cyanogen will be on it like there’s no tomorrow 🙂

definitely buying this one and the LG tablet

Buzz Moody

Implying the bootloader is unsigned, which I doubt it will be.

Ilija Vrtaric

ahhhhh……… awww damn this is frustrating…. was gonna buy an Incredible S…. now I’m drooling over this! :


Although this is dual core 1.2GHz, the Atrix still kills it on paper?

Buzz Moody

How so? The Atrix is terrible hardware wise.


I ain’t no Moto fanboy but you can’t seriously say that the Atrix is terrible hardware wise.
They both have their pros and cons..

1GHz vs 1.2GHz
1GB RAM vs 768MB
1930mAh Battery vs 1520mAh
Fingerprint Reader

Buzz Moody

The build quality is crud, the screen is crud and the fingerprint reader is a gimmick.


-Clock speed doesn’t mean much these days just look at the 800mhz desireZ and 1ghz desire for comparison. We need to wait for benchmarks.
-I don’t think the ram difference matters too much/? I never run out of mem on my nexus.. but I don’t really run more than 3-5 apps at the same time. Maybe this is more useful for webtop type stuff.


Hope the new sense UI comes to other phones too. Like my dhd when it gets a gingerbread update 🙂


LOL! this is such a nice device- but who else thinks that sometimes some companies just hold back a bit for some reason….. eg. inbuilt storage costs sfa (can i say sfa on here?)…

Buzz Moody

Sexually Frustrated Anonymous?


whats the story with HTC skimping on RAM?

Buzz Moody

Their multi billion dollar profit margin didn’t allow for more RAM.

Buzz Moody

Their multi billion dollar profit margin didn’t allow for more RAM.



Buzz Moody

You’re banned from the next Podcast.

Buzz Moody

You’re banned from the next Podcast.