It’s always fun to start speculating new device before we even know anything about them. Last time it was Sony Ericsson, so I thought this time we’ll start off with HTC and their 7 new Trademarks which they have just applied for.

  • HTC Radiant
  • HTC Equalize
  • HTC Port
  • HTC Rift
  • HTC Cobalt
  • HTC Vivid
  • HTC Pro

Although we can’t be certain for sure that all, or any, of these names will end up branded on an Android device, but being HTC you would think they would. So what do we think each device might be? HTC Radiant: perhaps a new screen along with the HTC Vivid. HTC Cobalt sounds impressive and stylish. HTC Pro seems like an update from the Desire Z. HTC Equalize: a music-centric phone? Let us know in the comments, this could be fun.

Source: Pocket Now.
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Ilija Vrtaric

I have this odd feeling that the HTC Rift will probably be a Playstation Certified handset a la Xperia Play.


Look, I hate to be “that guy” but your post could do with a bit of proof reading (I’m not going to list off errors).

I think that the phones will be Windows Phone 7-based. There hasn’t been a second generation of WP7 phones yet (excluding the HTC 7 Pro, which was a small update) and I expect Microsoft will be urging hardware developers to put out some new gear right about now.


HTC Port- really bad on “Power” and everyone hates them?


As a proud Essendon fan, I think I am the only one here that got that! 🙂


Hope they’ll keep these names under development for at least another year, I think HTC has released too many similar phones from the end of last year to now already.