Well there you have it folks, the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v on Vodafone. The device will go on pre-sale for existing Vodafone customers on the 20th of April (next Wednesday) and will ship in the week starting May 1st. It will also be available in selected stores and online for all new and existing customers on the 4th of May. The prices aren’t too bad, with a fair amount of data thrown in for good measure. With an outright price of $729, which is over $200 less than the original, smaller Galaxy Tab, and the same price as the equivalent iPad, I can see a lot of people going for the outright purchase. What do you guys think of the pricing?

Source: Vodafone.
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Does any know if this version would have future updates or is it an abandoned item? And will it have Samsung readers and entertainment hubs preinstalled?


Does anyone know if I get this on a 12 month plan, will the device be network locked??


It’s not network locked.


Can Vodafone users tell me what their network is like? I know it won’t be as good as Telstra’s network, but compared to Optus/Virgin? Speficially, anyone in Brisbane have anything to say about the network? Good speeds and strong connections?

I’m with Virgin (use the Optus network) and they can be pretty sketchy depending on where you are. Overall it’s good, but not great. Too many dead-zones for me.


I don’t understand why Vodafone’s network has been under such scrutiny lately. It’s not that bad. It’s not as good as Telstra but absolutely thrashes Optus/Virgin. Optus’ network is congested beyond belief, at least that’s the case all over Victoria.


I’ll go for the pre-paid option, I will most likely use it at home most of the time with WIFI, also can tether from my phone’s data plan.


You do realise that the 12 month contract is $2 cheaper and you have the added functionality of using the 1.5GB data a month. Take the contract and pay up the full amount 🙂


As good as this pricing is, i will wait for the revised 10.1


Yeah same here.


Any idea if the rumour that these 10.1v’s have been given to Vodafone to get rid of pending release of the revised 10.1 is true? if so, what’s the time-frame for the release of the new 10.1?

Buzz Moody

Yep, it’s true. Vodafone AU and UK picked them up to get rid of. The new 10.1 is expected to launch in the UK and US late may or early june I think.

Nathan Elcoate

As per Paul Walker below, 12 month plan rocks, can’t wait to pick mine up on 1st may!!

Nathan Elcoate

Nice, thanks again!

Paul Walker

I like the 12 month $39pm ($259 upfront) plan. Its the lowest price overall. It comes with a moderate amount of data and its only 12 months so I can upgrade again in 12 months when the tablet market is a lot more mature.

Lucas Burnett

Yep, I’m an existing Vodafone customer and i’m gonna pre-order mine on the 20th on a 12month contract Yep i am 😛

Paul Snedden

I’ll have one, please.


liking the prepaid price… wonder if you could use your android tether/hotspot for data after the 3 months?


WiFi hotspot should work just fine regardless ofthe status of your 3G sim.

If you have a decent amount of data with your phone and can create a WiFi hotspot the prepaid or an outright version of this tablet is a good buy.