Update: We have reached out to Kogan for review units, for both the TV Portal and Tablet. We shall let you know what happens.

It’s been a while since we heard any talk of Android from the guys over at Kogan, until now that is. Kogan today launch two Android products: a 7″ Android Tablet and an Android powered Internet TV Portal. The Tablet retails at $189 and features a 1024×600 pixel capacitive display, 1GHz Samsung CPU, 1.3MP front-facing camera, mini HDMI output, 512MB of RAM and running a slightly the slightly outdated Android 2.2. The Internet TV Portal is very much the same as what we saw Millennius flaunt a few months back. It’s a small box that runs Android 2.2 powered by a 1GHz Samsung CPU and outputs via HDMI to your TV, allowing you to surf the net, use apps and browse YouTube on your big screen. The Internet TV Portal retails for $199. Hit the source links to check them out over at Kogan’s online store.

Source: KoganInternetTVPortal?utm_source=ausdroid.net" rel="nofollow">Kogan 7" Tablet.
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    Actually we bought a TV from them and have been quite impressed by it. The only downside I could find is there is no on/off button.


    Kogan changed the screen specs on the tab to 800 x 480 … and a lot of people who have already placed orders are unhappy … as is to be expected …

    Jake Oliver

    Yeah, I just sent them an email cancelling my order based on this.

    I also informed them of the possible GPL violation if they don’t release the kernel source code, as they had no idea what I was on about in my initial email.
    I don’t like the chances of them getting it though, people over at slatedroid have been trying to get the kernel sources for chinese tablets like these for ages, unsuccessfully.


    Kogan, as a general rule, are very good value. They are far from the quality of a Samsung or Sony, but their products are not aimed at the high end. If you’re after cheap consumer electronics, you’d be far better with Kogan than Palsonic, Akai and the like…


    Interesting, the website is advertising Android Market. Doesn’t that mean that it has Google’s approval?
    I’m pretty sure i read something about Market has to be cleared by Google to go on an android device…

    Jake Oliver

    Indeed, I’ve emailed them about the source code too 🙂 I’m sure we can get a little development community happening.

    It looks like it could be a Haipad M708.

    I’ve ordered one, As I understand it, with the liveprice thing, if I change my mind in 7 days I can cancel and get a refund, Plus, I want something with a bigger screen to use on the train, phone screen is killing my eyes.


    for that price, i’d buy it… just to hack some stuff on it 🙂

    Jake Oliver

    Source code avaliable for the tablet?

    Julian Pinget

    is kogan really that bad? i’ve never heard of them but then again, i’ve never seen a tablet for $140!

    (as per ‘liveprice’ on their site)


    Kogan (as a company rule) skips certain steps of the product process, whether it be to construct cheap products themselves (i.e. buying the components from Chinese parts-makers) or giving you the products that other companies didn’t end up selling (as is apparently the case with the Millennius product/”TV Portal”); that sort of thing. It brings the price down a lot but you won’t aways enjoy or keep your product for long.

    Their televisions aren’t bad, though, if you’re looking for a cheap set.


    OMG, it is the exact same as Millennius android tv box.
    I wonder why millennius didnt release it, or maybe they are working on something better 🙂

    That tablet is crap, they have waited yrs to bring this out? Millennius has had quite a few android tabs since..

    David Anderton

    If only the Tv portal had a DTV tuner in it!


    I completely agree


    Friends don’t let friends buy Kogan….

    I guess for the price it could be ok