Motorola Xoom

Motorola’s foray into the Android tablet market – the 10.1-inch Motorola Xoom – is set to land on Australian shores in May, thanks to Telstra. Pricing and release are yet to be nailed down, but inside word is the device will be available with a mobile repayment option (MRO) or via outright purchase.

Warwick Bray, executive director of Telstra Mobility Products, heaped praise on the Xoom tablet in a statement.

“Motorola Xoom arrives at a time when Australians are embracing both mobile tablets and devices powered by Android in record numbers,” he said.

Motorola is holding an event in early May, which is tipped to be the official release of the Xoom tablet and the Atrix smartphone.

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Imported my xoom and finding very good. First android device and find it very good, lots to learn and fun finding new app. Coming from an phone and having no troubles, cannot wait until the galaxy 2’s I ordered at the same time arrive next week:-)


I’ve lost confidence in both Telstra and Motorola since they broke my Defy. It came back from being repaired (allegedly by Motorola) with a software ‘upgrade’ that took it from having the best reception of any phone I’ve tried to by far the worst. When I bought the phone it had Blue Tick status (suitable for rural areas) but Telstra recently announced that status was withdrawn. I’m pretty sure this was due to a fault with the phone whereby in areas of marginal reception, with Background Data turned on, it would poll the cell tower so hard that both phone… Read more »


with or without the 4G LTE update…?

Buzz Moody

That’s a very good question.


it will b without LTE because australia doesn’t have LTE


then no 4g? so wont be good too travel with should i just import…..?


Will be interesting to see how the pricing compares to the Galaxy Tab 10.1v on Vodafone. If competitive, Telstra might have a sale.

Phil D

This may be a stupid question, but has happened to Notion Ink’s Adam? It all seems to have gone quiet.


I hope the pricing is nice…. I do like the xoom!


yeah but i would wait, the asus transformer and the acer Iconia Tab A500 is up there with the xoom and its cheaper if the pricing is similar to the states


Definitely good news. Be sure to join the number 1 Xoom forum on the web