Optus has confirmed this morning that it will be selling the HTC Incredible S exclusively, and it will be available from 1 May in store, and 6 May online.

The Incredible S will be available for $0 upfront on the $49 Optus Cap as well as a range of other plans. The Incredible S will also be available to business customers for $0 on a $49 Business Complete Ultimate plan.

The Optus press release confirms what we already know about the Incredible S – high definition video recording and multi-function cameras are the order of the day, complete with the latest version of Android – Gingerbread.

The key features Optus likes on the Incredible S are these:

  • 4-inch Super LCD touch screen (480 x 800)
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 8 megapixel colour camera with dual LED flash
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Only 135 grams with battery, and
  • Comes with a 16 GB micro-SD card.
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can anyone tell me the price for a htc incredible s outright in JUNE 2011, i need a quote for insurance, nobody can help me!


Woah, that was yesterday. Gotta go play with one.


waiting to see what sort of plans the atrix is on otherwise will be getting one of these

David Anderton

Just ordered mine from Virgin… Just so you know you can get it free on a 39 eascap or 49 smartcap. Costs 10 bucks on a 29 smartcap or 5 on a 39 smartcap.


*sigh* Now to decide between this and the Xperia ARC…

Brad Butler

Picked up mine yesterday….. love it except for the optus crap on it…….. cant complain fro getting it free on the 49 cap though.. just wish i didnt have 2 versions of sound hound… come on root!

David Anderton

Well its officially official you can get this on Virgin’s $39 easy cap with zero handset repayments, can’t find any other plans yet…



Just picked one up, Optus shops are selling them already. Seems pretty good so far


I saw the Incredible S today at an Optus store, it was running Android 2.33 and a bunch of nasty Optus widgets and apps.

I find that the unlocked/unbranded handset on 2.2 was a lot nicer to use. The staff seemed to have no idea when it was going to be available in store other than “sometime in May”…


My Desire HD had the 2.3.3 unbranded Incredible S software on it and was awesome. Optus must have destroyed it.

David Anderton

P.S i sent you guys this info a week ago…

David Anderton

Can you please find out about Virgin???

clarity please

Virgin launching 1 may

David Anderton

really are you sure??? fuck yeh!

clarity please



Sweet thanks, any idea on plans?


it seems from what i’ve read is that root isn’t possible so far for the Incredible S! HTC has signed their bootloader! it’s sad to seem them go away from being android root friendly!


I had the Incredible S software running on my Desire HD before upgrading to my Optimus 2X, it’s very smooth, very nice software. The only difference between the Desire HD and the Incredible S is the Incredible S has a smaller screen and has rotating lower icons, as Sense rotates on the Incredible S, which is nice.

clarity please

…and has a front facing camera and cool rear panel design and 16GB microSD in the box and a bigger battery with a smaller screen which means way better battery performance


… he was talking about the software, not the hardware.