Well look what has arrived in my inbox this morning. The Virgin display cards for both the new HTC Incredible S and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and packing very nice pricing along with it. The Incredible looks to launch on the 39 Easy Cap and the Play to be $10 a month on the 49 Easy Cap.

That’s great pricing for two well stacked handsets. Anyone going to take these handsets with Virgin? Also attached was the display card for the Play with Optus, launching at $0 on the $79 Cap, that is just edging out the Arc in pricing. Very nice pricing indeed. Hit the break for the Optus Xperia Play display card.

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Ferrer Aus

Hi Lucas

Do you still have a soft copy of the Virgin Mobile display card on HTC Incredible S?  I am just having a problem with my current contract with Virgin. Hope you still have the copy and will appreciate if you can e-mail it at ferrer.aus at gmail.com.  I just want to read the fine print.


Virgin Mobile Aus

Hey Guys,

Great news; we’ve officially launched the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Check out the great deals we’ve got with this amazing handset!

Many thanks,
Chris K.
Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Aus

Thank you all for your interest in
the Incredible S and the Arc. Just to let you know, @ohdenny, we should have
the Arc by late June. Anderton – please contact us at  http://virginmobile.custhelp.com/app/ask ,
with attention to Social Media, and we can then look in to this for you. You
can find more info on the Incredible S here, http://www.virginmobile.com.au/en_au/vma/promos/htc-incredible/ 

Thanks guys,
Chris K.
Virgin Mobile


Is the Incredible S bootloader locked?


I just want my VirginMobile Arc pricing.


49 easycap plus 5 bucks i think


Thanks. Just have to wait until they officially release it then.


Thanks. Just have to wait until they officially release it then.

David Anderton

Oh and you can NOT get the free 3 months unless you are a new customer which sucks donkey dick.


i thought you could but it just had to be done online?

David Anderton

nope its in the fine print


“Existing customers are eligible for up to 3 months free* access fee plus 3 months free data when you add on a mobile data pack. ”

Shifty bastards

David Anderton

very lame

David Anderton

My incredible S is in the mail, should have it tomorrow with any luck. $29 smartcap plus 10 buck repayments

Simon O'Connor

I’m stunned that anyone can think a phone on a $79 plan is ‘very nice pricing’. To me, almost $1900 for a phone that you can play some games on is INSANE money.

But, that’s just me I guess.


That’s a phone + a phone service. The phone alone isn’t ~$1,900.

The plan gives $900 calls, unlimited texts and 3gb data a month, I’d say that’s pretty damn awesome.


When Optus resellers like TPG are giving $600 credit + 2GB for $35 (no contract), here you are paying $44 more for the phone. Totalling 1056! That is way too expensive for a single core phone with outdated technology. You can get a new dual core phone for less than that. This should be free on $49, or $59 in the worst case.

David Anderton

true that!


Might want to mention 3 months free for the incredible S

SilverMoon Dragon

I was looking for something on the $29 cap plans with Virgin, but I’ll probably go with the Incredible if nothing shinier in the low price range comes out before June when my current Virgin contract runs out. I’ll still hoping they’ll bring out one of the new tablets that are coming…


I thought Incredible S was Optus exclusive.


optus virgin same thing


correct… optus/virgin same same but different

Nathan Elcoate

The Experia feeds your Google Market CC details to Pirates hence the subsidised price :-O