How would you like to turn your existing Android development skills into a Postgraduate Uni qualification?

Take a look at the Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development from Charles Sturt University.

Even if you haven’t got an undergraduate qualification, you may be able to gain entry to a graduate level program so you can start formalising your skills in the form of a qualification recognised around Australia and around the world. Read on if you’re interested – because we sure are.

Charles Sturt University has developed a qualification especially for Mobile device application developers.  The Graduate Certificate in Mobile Applications Development qualification is studied online and can be completed in only 8 months. If you have existing qualifications – industry qualifications or others – you may be able to obtain credit towards the course.

The course aims to teach students about the history of games development, data structures, and mobile applications development. Students will also undertake a software development project as part of the program.

During the program, students will be reach and demonstrate the following proficiencies:

  • describe the workings of a fundamental mobile development architecture, platform framework and emulator.
  • setup an environment for the development of applications for mobile devices
  • analyze and design an application for mobile devices.
  • undertake a real-life mobile development project for an organisation
  • describe the implementation and  use of abstract data types and classical data structures
  • describes stages of the computer  game design process

For more information on the course, contact IT Masters, who partner with Charles Sturt University to bring you this course. You can read more about the course, and some frequently asked questions (FAQs) here:

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    Jody Law

    I would love to do this.


    Sadly I don’t think I have the money for this, nor do I live anywhere near a campus.

    SilverMoon Dragon

    You don’t live near the internet? How are you posting this then?

    Sadly I don’t have 8 grand for an online degree either.

    Chris Rowland

    Check out the possibility of FEE-HELP to pay your course fees for you. No up front cost to the student 🙂

    Chris Rowland

    It’s done online – you don’t need to be near a campus. More importantly, you don’t have to pay for it either. If you are eligible for FEE-HELP funding (most people are), then you don’t pay for any of it up-front.. you can pay it off through the tax system. I did my undergrad degree this way.