Well there you have it folks, we told you the Motorola Atrix was coming to Telstra along the Motorola XOOM. Today the announcement was made by Telstra that the Atrix will launch on June 7th and XOOM on May 24th for $840/ea, which is $110 more than the $730 asking price for the Atrix over at MobiCity.

The XOOM, which is surprisingly heavy, will be of the 3G and Wi-Fi variants which is always nice. Having played with one a few weeks ago I was very impressed with it, it’s well-built with very little plastic used in comparison to the Gal Tab 10.1v. Telstra have also said the MicroSD card slot will not be utilised until after a Honeycomb update; the same thing is happening in the US. There will also be no hardware update to LTE. Our review will be up in the next week or so. Hit the source link to register your interest in the Motorola XOOM on Telstra.

I’ve been using the Atrix as my primary phone for the past month and I hate it with a passion, but that’s not to say you won’t like it, but for $840 I’d be running in the other direction. The best thing about Telstra is you can go into their stores and try the devices out before you actually hand over your hard-earned dollars. Hit the break for a picture of the available plans for each of the devices.

[Credit: Neerav Bhatt]

Source: Telstra.
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Well that was dissappointing, having to take a 2 year plan to get this bad boy! Not overly happy about that and then there is the price!

Looks like the galaxy tab 10.1v is looking much nicer eay day now. I’ll wait for your guys review on that.

Matthew Smith

I am really curious to know why you now “hate it with a passion”. After reading your original review, I have been soon eager to get my hands on one when its released, but reading that comment has made me feel a little unsure if I should be looking else where like the SGS2? Do you plan to re-review or add some new info that might help others like me, to figure out if the reasons for your new dislike of the phone from using it for a month, are personal annoyances to you or if they are serious flaws… Read more »

Marcus Grimes

ive been waiting and waiting for this phone but i dont know whether i can justify the $80 a month, and still another month away.


840 for xoom? i’d rather go ipad2 although i’m tired of ios.


Why not got for the galaxy tab 10.1v? Voda has a much better plan, yes voda suxs but the tab 10.1v is nextg friendly, so pop in a nextg simcard!


i think galaxy tab 8.9is more handy and as powerful as 10.1


But its not out yet and shipping. Still months away


BTW $840 is the same pricing as a ipad2 32gb 3g unit, which is equal the xoom specs. The soom has a microsd slot and some better ‘docks’ etc than the ipad has currently. So there are pros to each

Glyn Stuckey

The lowest priced plan makes the Galaxy 10.1v that I just got cheap at $35 a month. Unfortunately it’s on Vodafone, but I’ve swapped out the Vodafone sim for a Telstra one anyway.

Would be very interested to hear how they compare in the real world