The time has come, fellow Galaxy S II lovers. MobiCity have confirmed that their batch of Samsung Galaxy S II‘s are now shipping and are expected to hit door-steps early next week. The asking price is nothing short of premium at $899, but rest assured that I’ll have my hands all over one next week to see if it’s really worth its current asking price. From the current wave of SGSII news hitting the web from owners in the UK, the phone is amazingly fast and the screen is nothing short of impressive. Hopefully this will be the first dual-core phone we review that is actually worthy of the hype it has created. Hit the source link to order your own SGSII, if you’re a true Android early-adopter πŸ˜‰

Source: MobiCity - Samsung Galaxy S II.
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Do you know? I found many website but I can’t see imformation for me. And now, I feel happy because your imformation is very useful. Thank you very much!.

Oz Boy

Watch MobiCity they have no stock but their site doesn’t list this information you actually have to contact them to find out. A little disappointing I don’t understand why they are not being transparent about the stock levels. Perhaps another reason to import?

Craig Durkee

A mate of mine has just bought one of these for around 700 bucks, shows there plenty to be saved if you import yourself.

I have no affiliation with these guys but the price seems nice.

ps Its looking to be an awesome bit of kit

Here’s the link–16gb–sim-free-unlocked-

Alex Baldwin

I got mine from Handtec. Was released on Tuesday last week, they shipped it the same day and had it in my hands on Friday morning (shipping via DHL).

There’s a huge thread on Whirlpool for everyone who was importing, and from the looks of it the fastest was Handtec with shipping via DHL, bit slower with Fedex. Clove was about a day slower sending off everyone’s orders, while unlockedmobiles was the slowest with only royal mail shipping (1-2 weeks).

Jamie Cranston

I haven’t really looked into this, so its mainly an assumption, but its the most likely case:why don’t we get the hubs? eg. Music hub and Games hub. I’m pretty sure we’ll get readers and social hub because social was on the galtab and galaxy s and readers was on the galtab, but i would like the games hub because its samsungs way of getting games that aren’t on the android market to galaxy s II users. and i don’t really mind about the music hub, but if i had it i would actually buy songs instead of use the… Read more Β»

Alex Baldwin

The Games Hub only has a few social games (basically facebook games) and ‘Premium Games’, which are just some of the older Gameloft games like NOVA 1, Dungeon Hunter, Avatar, etc.

All those are available directly from Gameloft’s site anyway, and the ordering process through Samsung’s Games Hub just downloads the apk the same way as Gameloft’s site. You then unlock the full game exactly the same way through Gameloft directly.

Julian Pinget

which version are they getting? I9100 or I9103?

kinda rooting for the super amoled plus + samsung cpu combination

Jamie Cranston

I9100, it says on the page πŸ˜›


Nice can’t wait for your review, Buzz.

From what I’ve seen it certainly looks promising. Other sites that review the phone say it blitz’s other dual core phones (Atrix/Optimus) both in benchmarks and general use.

Nina H

im so excited for this! ive been waiting for this phone for a while now…hope it hits our optus stores soon!! πŸ˜€


I’m amazed this has, like, all the radio frequencies. Hopefully Optus/Virgin drop in some good plans for the SGS2!

Jamie Cranston

they don’t usually…. vodafone is the main carrier to compete with for value, but im hoping they compete well this time.

Alistair Phillips

One thing to note is that the UK variants of the Galaxy S II don’t come with NFC.


The only ones that have NFC are the Korean ones.


Do the korean ones have samsung cpu + super amoled+?