Now let me just say this first and foremost, this is just a rumour. It has come from a reliable source and I have been told, that it is extremely likely that this will happen. So, it seems as though the newly announced Xoom and Atrix, are looking like they will be taken by Optus, once the deal with Telstra is expired. This echos the Defy deal, three month agreement with Telstra, followed by Optus taking it in an exclusive white colour. The only real way to tell, is for wait for more information to come to light.

We have also received some more information from Twitter, while typing this article. It does seem as though Optus employees also have some information that shows a Atrix and Xoom is coming, the plot thickens. Got some more info? Tip us on the contact form.

Source: Anonymous.
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Well, it’d be nice but in three months time, who knows what a.) other manufacturers and b.) what Motorola will have brought out.