Ausdroid Reader Survey
Ausdroid Reader Survey

Update: A quick link to the survey here: Ausdroid 2011 Reader Survey. Win one of three $25 prizes just by completing our reader survey!

Ausdroid has been live since March 2010, and longer term readers will know just how far we’ve come since then. We’ve grown from one writer to three, we review just about every Android phone released in Australia (and many that aren’t), we’ve grown a podcast and we’re looking at more exciting projects for 2011.

However, one thing we need to do better is understand our audience. You see, we don’t know an awful lot about you guys, and we’d like to know a bit more about our audience so we can deliver a better product and streamline our operations. There’s no secret here – if we better understand our audience, we can also provide better advertising – we don’t want to bombard you with ads, and we never will, but reality says we need to show ads to keep us running. We’d rather show ones that you’re interested in, or that might be useful to you, rather than ones that aren’t. For example, we know that there’s a good chance you’re more interested in technology than women’s magazines.. but we’d like to know more.

What are we asking?
So we can understand you better, we’re introducing the Ausdroid 2011 Reader Survey. It just asks for a bit of information about you so that we can understand who you are, what you like, and what you’re interested in. We don’t want identifying information from you – your submissions will be treated with the utmost care and security.

You can win!
As our way of saying thank you for completing the survey, three people who complete the survey completely will receive a $25 prize to say thanks. Entrants will be drawn at random – all you’ll need to provide in order to win is your name, email and a contact number on the last page of the survey. We won’t use these details for any other purpose. We promise.

If you’d like to fill out the survey, please follow this link: Ausdroid 2011 Reader Survey. We reckon it’ll take no more than five to ten minutes of your time (if that).

For filling it out, our eternal thanks.

Note: To win the prize, you must complete your survey submission by 5pm on 29 May 2011. Winners will be announced on 30 May 2011.

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    I filled in the survey yesterday (or perhaps the day before… whatever). I’m curious about what you’re actually going to use the data with. If you’re using Adwords or a similar system, the advertisements will automatically cater to the content of the page; yet if the advertisements are based on requests by customers, the content is still likely to be technology-related as I don’t see why a dog accessory merchandiser (… et cetera) would be viewing this site. I’m also interesting in the question regarding what one might do for Ausdroid. I take it it’s just a general expression of… Read more »

    Michael Ishri





    Filled out and done.
    The Q on carriers is broken, though.
    No way to indicate if you are with more than one carrier.

    David Anderton

    done and done

    Paul Howard

     Done. Would be interested in the results.

    Chris Rowland

    We will share some general findings once the survey is closed.. but specifics, no. We’re quite privacy conscious so we won’t be sharing too much 🙂

    Paul Howard

    Just interested to know who’s using what on which carriers 🙂 


    I would have filled the survey out anyway but I’m also curious what these mystery prizes are haha. 


    survey done! however… what to do if I’ve got more than one android phone?


    I like option 4

    Liam McAlinden

    All filled out!

    Sean Hatton

    Can I get a Xoom instead? 😀

    Buzz Moody

     Only after I filled out the survey was I told that staff aren’t eligible for a prize.

    Chris Rowland

    Hahaha, what the hell, maybe you can win 😉