Motorola Xoom

When we received this tip, we first thought ‘That was quick!’ – but it seems that the times are changing, and when telcos say they’re about to release something, they are.

Well, Telstra surprised us this morning and announced the availability of the Motorola Xoom precisely when they said they would. Through Telstra, the Motorola Xoom will be available for $840 outright, or on a couple of different plans:

  • $29 Data+ Cap plan + $25 MRO, which includes 1 gb of data each month. Total cost $54 per month.
  • $49 Data+ Cap plan + $25 MRO, which includes 7gb of data each month. Total cost $74 per month.
  • $79 Data+ Cap plan + $15 MRO, which includes 12gb of data each month. Total cost $94 per month.

Are you going to order a Motorola Xoom from Telstra? Let us know what you think!

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Got a call from Telstra today due to preregister

Was offered $79 per month, 2g data, slip case, car charger, dock, and a 30 month warranty.



Loving my xoom so far. Only had one FC at this stage. Seems fairly stable and feels solid. Game play is excellent, purchased Riptide and works perfectly. Only 1 telstra app is a relief. Overall, really impressed.


Fantastic device so far. Comparing to the iPad 2, the only thing negative so far is battery life for Android is still not as good as IOS devices and Xoom has no usb charging and the charging cable is HUGE!


The iPad2 doesn’t charge from USB either.

Also, my Xoom gets over 16hrs. With 3G on, multiple email accounts, network app, and playing games


I just bought mine the other day after also having the Galaxy Tab 10.1v before.
So far, the build quality feels better on the Xoom and it also feels snappier whilst using.
I find the second point strange considering the internals are identical (I think) however I have used them side by side (after factory reset) and the Xoom just seems to load apps and faster.
Speakers on the Galaxy Tab are better as is the camera (expected) and viewing angles on the screen.
Will possibly post more after I have played with it for a bit longer.


woo, have to go play with one


Have ordered mine today. Just wanted to be able to compare the galaxy tab/10.1v/Xoom for myself. Really looking forward to getting it!


Why do people keep comparing the price of the 3G device to the Wi-Fi?


I’m going to be importing a WiFi Xoom when my funds get back up.  Considering it’s a bit over $600 including shipping for something which won’t have any Telstra bloat on it, it’s definitely the better option for me.


Suprisingly, there’s practically no Telstra specific things on it.  Telstra specific things: – Bigpond link- My Account link- Telstra One app, which appears to do nothing. Uses 1.01MB of space. – Telstra My Places widget, which gives links to various Bigpond properties. – Browser defaults to, but a few taps and that’s reset. These can all be removed from the home screens, and the Telstra apps/widgets pretty much hide away. There’s no Telstra branding on the Xoom itself, but there is a Telstra logo on the box.  To be honest, yes, you can save ~$200 to get wifi only, but having 3G built into… Read more »


Wow, that’s all the bloat that’s on it?  Good job Telstra!  Even so, having another 3G plan just seems redundant for me – I can just tether off my phone if I’m out and about (and I can’t see myself carrying a Xoom around with me all the time; I see it mostly as an indoors device.


If you need a case. I purchased a RED leather case from Kevikev in San Francisco on eBay for $58 delivered by USPS. It took exactly 7 days. It acts as a nice stand in 2 positions, typing and multimedia.
It acts like the 1st Gen iPod cases. Perfect for lying down on the coach or in bed, you can rest it on your tummy. This makes the 108 grams difference between other tablets negligable. The premium build quality of the Xoom will be able to survive longer. It has aluminium back shell and gorilla glass front.


My imported Xoom WiFi has dad 3.1 update for over a week. It just took a couple of days after Google IO and asked to reboot to install and all my apps and data were left intact. A truly seamless experience compared to rooting my HTC Desire and installing Gingerbread. It is now much more zippy UI and incredibly stable and slick. IT PAYS TO ALWAYS BUY THE GOOGLE FLAGSHIP DEVICE TO GUARANTEE LONGER USABLE LIFE AND UPDATES.


Dam I am Next G customer with a Desire running Gingerbread. I imported one of these from B&H New York for $630 delivered. I could have waited but I was desperate to get my hands on some honeycomb goodness.


It’s not a cheap tablet but it isn’t designed that way either. I work on enough electronics like laptops etc. to understand although the base hardware may be the same there may be many different ways to construct the actual hardware. From experience Acer products are not going to be as well build taking into account things like chassis material, quality of ribbon cables and other various parts which all effect how the product will feel and perform in 6mnths time. Its not un-common to bend the outter chassis section on an Acer laptop picking it by 1 hand on the corner for instance. From… Read more »


It’s far too expensive! Typical Telstra!


It’s $1 more than the equiv iPad 2 (32GB + 3G). Not too expensive by comparison to be honest. 

Aryan Ameri

Well I’ve got the Acer Iconia tab for far less than the Xoom. It’s got a better screen, an SD slot that works, and a full-sized USB port that I’ve found to be invaluable. 

Coupled with a Telstra Elite Mifi, this gives me the best of both worlds, and is still far cheaper than the XOOM, with no contract. 

Telstra’s XOOM pricing just doesn’t make sense to me. This thing should be $550 outright, and free on $39 monthly with 1Gb of data. Unless it hits these figures, it will remain a niche product unfortunately.

David (2)

i almost chucked a hissy fit when I went to a telstra shop in Sydney cbd and they told me their stock was reserved for contract users.  Fortunetally I went to another shop up the street and was able to buy one.  Have to get back to work now but ill play with it later, very excited


And regarding pricing, you get what you pay for, particularly when it comes to mobile internet services.


Typing from mine now… great device which will only get better with the maturity of Honeycomb and its app/widgets.

Comes preloaded with Honeycomb 3.0.1 with no official updates however a 3.1 update is available via other means.


Terrible pricing

Scott Ditchburn

Wow only $1 more p/m then 10.1v with 5GB less data


How do you figure that, 10.1v is $39pm with 1.5GB data


Got mine this morning at the Syd CBD store (the one near the Apple store). 

Some notes: 
– Telstra does NOT have any of the Accessories in stock – no stock for 2+ weeks. 

– *MUST* have a SIM card in, else it won’t boot fully. (No UI controls to let you bypass the provisioning thingy). I got a $2 prepaid Telstra SIM which did the trick. 

– MicroSD doesn’t appear to be hotswappable, requires removing the SIM – which probably requires a reboot. 


That sucks re Micro SD!


just root it.. put Tiamat 1.4.2 kernal  (overclocked GPU and 1.5Ghz dual core)… Full SD card support and super fast. so much better than stock.


woops, didnt read the original post properly.. either way, make sure u root it to unlock its proper potential