A couple of weeks ago we announced the Ausdroid 2011 Reader Survey. Without rehashing old material, we wanted to find out more about you – the people who read our site – so that we could provide a better service and run things better internally. We closed off the survey last night, and we were blown away at the response rate we achieved. In total, 632 readers submitted information for our survey, and we now have a mammoth amount of data to sort through.

We will be announcing the winners of the three $25 prizes soon. However, we wanted to share some interesting findings from the survey with you. Here are some highlights:

  • Most of you are aged 25-34. This didn’t surprise us.
  • Only 19 of you are female. This surprised us a little.
  • Most of you are highly technologically literate – fast internet connections, high data use, and a variety of platforms used.
  • Unsurprisingly, more than 80% of you have Android devices as your primary handsets. Well done!
  • The things you want more of are news and reviews. We’ll do our best! We’ve brought on a new author, and possibly we’ll hire another one soon.
  • Around 10% of you told us that you didn’t like our podcast all that much. We’ll look to make it tighter and more closely related to your interests.

We’ve learned a lot from this exercise and it’ll be a little while before we fully appreciate the data we’ve received, but from all of us here at Ausdroid HQ, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks. We’ll notify the prize-winners soon!

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    It’s now mid-October 2011.
    What has happened to the results of the survey being announced?


    Guys, it’s now July 30.
    2 months after the survey closed.
    Where’s the results?

    Lucas Burnett

    Chris is handling the full results of the survey and he has been extremely busy outside of Ausdroid. They will come soon, we thank you for your patience


    A week on, and no results yet?
    Hurry up.


    there’s prizes to be won?!

    Chris Rowland

    There were. We just haven’t announced the winners yet.

    Chris Rowland

    There were. We just haven’t announced the winners yet.

    Tim French

    My wife completed this survey, too. She is an avid Android user with a Desire HD.

    Dylan Waghorne

    I’m one of the 20% without an android device.. i’m not old enough to work so i can’t afford one… in a good 6-7 months though.

    William Beckett

    Keep up the good work guys! You are doing a great job.

    Ausdroid.net has come a long way since I’ve been a member.


    Quite interested to see the results of the survey. 🙂 In the survey, you asked whether people would be interested in contributing to ausdroid.net – Are you going to act on the responses received, or was it more just to gauge general interest in finding more contributors?


    I wonder the same thing as well. I would be interested in contributing to this great website, I find that Ausdroid tends to be a bit slow on the latest news compared to other overseas websites, and I think it would be great if Ausdroid uses more people to keep the news more up to date.

    Chris Rowland

    Tim, Alan: This is one thing that we are considering as we look at our growth, and how we plan to keep growing during 2011.


    2001 survey???

    Chris Rowland

    Fixed, thanks for that. The number pad on this keyboard is a little slippery, and my eyesight is shot.


    “Only 19 of you are female. This surprised us a little.”
    Doesn’t surprise me. Android is more of a geek platform that appeals to tech savvy guys.


    Absolute garbage.  If that were the case, it wouldn’t be the #1 selling Smartphone OS


    Well that’s not a really fair comparison.

    You’re talking about tens (or hundreds?) of devices over all sorts of pricing structures (very cheap to very expensive), across all carrier networks that happen to have Android OS compared to like 2 phones on pretty much one pricing structure each on very select few carrier networks.

    Despite the sales, Android isn’t anywhere near as mainstream and as popular as the iPhone is.

    Add to that, I’m sure some idiots doing this poll would have put their gender in as female, further skewing results.




    You may be surprised by the number of tech savvy geek women out there.  Just because you apparently don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there in large numbers.

    Peggy Kuo

    I guess I’m one of the 19… and I’m surprised… didn’t expect so few!!


    I’m another of the 19 women who completed the survey
    That aspect of the survey didn’t surprise me in the least, seeing that the majority of the regular posters on Ausdroid are male.

    Chris Rowland

    Something we’re hoping to change 🙂


    You’re ten years out in the article… might want to fix that.