Well that’s a tad embarrassing… Pocketnow caught a quick glimpse at what was a secret part of the Motorola website that showed pictures and a little bit of info of some upcoming products that have obviously not been announced. In the screenshots — which were pulled from Pocketnow due to a request from Motorola — you can see these new phones: Zaha, Slimeline, Targa and Pearl along with a watchphone dubbed the Tracy XL, which pays homage to Dick Tracy of course, as well as the XOOM 2 — an upgrade of the current XOOM. What is exciting about this is that the upcoming smartphones actually look semi-appealing with their Slimline (there, I punned it already) designs and large screens. We’re not too sure whether all these devices will run Android, though there’s no mention or sign of the Windows Phone insignia. Hopefully we can get some more specs and details on these devices in the near future. For now, you can view two other small screenshots after the break.

Source: Pocketnow.
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motorola droid

MicroSD support has been available for some time now..


The watch looks interesting as well as the awesomely thin phones.
I am hoping the watch is similar to sony’s attempt except better executed.

Buzz Moody

I think you meant: “similar to Sony’s attempt, except it actually does something useful.”


“Punned” it? You shouldn’t ever verb nouns, Buzz. Now I’m doing it too?!

You can barely tell how “attractive” (I’m still reticent to directly refer to technology as attractive) the phones are based on the images here since they’re not exactly giving one a lot to go on. That said, from what we can see I like the lines of the Slimline, assuming the edges aren’t completely curved, à la HTC’s phones.

Buzz Moody

I’m starting a new trend, BE A PART OF IT.


Images removed at the request of Motorola Mobility, Inc. 
Sounds all the more plausible now!