If you’re someone who wants a Samsung Galaxy S II, and is keen on Vodafone, you’ll be pleased to know that Vodafone has announced pre-sale availability of the SGS2, with delivery from late June.

As an added bonus for those that pre-order, they’ll receive a special Samsung leather case for the SGS2; something bound to look rather spiffy.

For the low down on pricing, hit up the Vodafone SGS2 page, but here’s the basics:

  • $10 a month on the $45 Infinite plan
  • $0 a month on the $65 (or higher) Infinite plans

On each of the plans you get unlimited calls / text / messaging, and varying amounts of data – 500mb a month on the $45 plan, up to 4gb on the $100 plan. For those not interested in the Infinite plans, the SGS2 will also be available on Vodafone’s Cap plans as well.

Will you be getting your SGS2 from Vodafone?

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Just had my vodaphone GalaxySII delivered in Melbourne. inside the box was a print out saying, “GGreat news – your Vodaphone Samsung Galaxy S II has arrived sooner than expected.” So excited!

Daniel Wood

According to vodafone blog, three will be getting it in July


Tried to order over the phone, get the 12 month $49 cap plan with 30 repayment / month
I also mentioned phatbear’s $10 loyalty discount, but the sales guy said he can’t do that. He said I can’t even have the $50 credit offer because that’s for online order only.
The $10 loyalty discount (x 12 months) has more value than the $50 credit for only order. Question is: how can I get it?


they also have good addon data rates. $10 of extra 2gig ect. this could make some plans cheaper or have more data or sacrifice credit for heaps of data


ordered mine today. 24month $45 infinite plan with $5 a month for the phone. sales guy on the phone knocked off $5 from the standard $10 monthly handset fee. Good Bloke!


Mobicity SGS2 = $840
Vodafone SGS2 12mo = ($45 network + $35 handset – $10 loyalty) x 12 = $840

NET $0/yr for unlimited calls to Australian mobiles and landlines on Vodafone. I know you can buy it offshore cheaper, but it still is cheap network access!

Almost French

no way i’m going to go with vodafone. I’m trying to get out of my contract with them. Hardly to get 3g connection on my Nexus One anytime of the day and I’m right in Melb CBD.


Is Vodafone the only telco offering this phone on a 12 month contract?  I can’t see that option with Optus, and nothing concrete for Telstra.  I’m really liking the annual upgrade cycle I’m on now.

Francis Arjonillo

Please come out on THREE!!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!! Vodafone don’t be greedy! You know you suck. Give it to your more successful partner!


three will be going bye-bye in about 6 weeks time so dont expect any new releases for 3


Vodafail????? No thanks.

Daniel Wood

Hmmmm……. I’ve been on three for a few years, I think I could deal with Vodafone, i’ll prob be signing up! Wish HTC Sensation had word on release already…

Gsmarena mentioned the not so great audio quality out of the headphone jack, sorta putting me off since it’s worse than my htc desire according to the test results…

Buzz Moody

Whoever took that photo is a photographical genius. 

I made up a word.

Dawer Jung

Ordered mine today! They said 5day delivery? Lets hope I heard right! Thanks for the heads up AUSDROID! 🙂


when will this be on Virgin! PLEASSSSEEEE!!!


UM….. Vodafone no thanks… would rather use 2 can’s and a piece of string..

Anthony Jackson

i already ordered mine the difference in caps is mostly data amount 


i hate how long it’s taking telstra to get it’s shit together regarding the galaxy s2.


I’m still confused between the difference of cap plans and infinite plans. :S
What’s the catch to infinite plans?


infinate plans have no limit to regular calls. ur only charged for 1800 and 1300 and overseas calls. cap plans have a certain amount of $ value. once u use all that u pay extra

Julian Pinget

also, from what i’ve been told by voda employees, you are far less likely to get loyalty credit when you get an infinite plan (presumably because they make more money on caps)

Julian Pinget