Some news out of left field this morning. Many readers will know of Ausdroid’s passion for the development and modification community – from obtaining root on handsets to loading custom ROMs, we support the whole lot.

CyanogenMod is probably one of the better custom Android ROMs available for a variety of handsets, and it recently blessed the original Samsung Galaxy S with an official port. This seems to have caught Samsung’s attention – they haven’t had the negative reaction that some might – rather, Samsung has sent at a complimentary Galaxy S II to at least one of the developers over on the Cyanogenmod team. Atinm, one of the developers working on porting CM7 to the original Galaxy S tweeted today this welcome news. Well done Samsung!

Cyanogenmod started on the original Android phone, HTC’s G1. Since then it has expanded to many other devices, but the list of supported devices remains fairly HTC-centric. While Cyanogenmod’s future on HTC phones may have been a bit shaky until the recent decision to stop locking bootloaders, it appears Samsung is also aware of how influential the power users that love CM are. It may be a bit until we see CM7 running on a GSII, however, since the original Galaxy S port took quite a while to come about.

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Good to hear. Pity the screen on my SGSII has promptly died after 3 days use. Now I get to wait for a replacement.


Wow, that’s really damn awesome.

Good to see a company supporting the development community. Here’s hoping CM gets ported to the SGSII soon.


Maybe samsung’s looking for more dev talent in their teams?

Julian Pinget

wowwww, any reservations i may have had about the SGS II just got obliterated.

i was a little concerned that the unlocked bootloader would go to waste (monitoring XDA and CM forums for the last week has shown a real lack of interest in dev) but this is a game chnger.

the best phone just got better