Got a Xperia X10? Were you down in the dumps, when you thought it wouldn’t get Gingerbread or even Froyo for that matter? Then, were you elated when you heard it was going to get Gingerbread?

Well the wait is almost over, and to celebrate, Sony Ericsson have released a video of the X10 running the new Gingerbread (2.3) update.

The new update will bring a host of new things to the Xperia X10 that were originally only for the 2011 lineup of Xperia devices. These include integrated Facebook, the new launcher and gesture controls. The music player has been updated and get an equalizer and Wi-Fi hotspot has been added. The customised camera app that shipped with the X10, stays the same, due to customer feedback. The update is expected to be released in early August, but remember if you have a carrier branded X10, the update may not be available. FOF

Source: GSMArena.
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I’ve got it installed.  It’s available from some Optus phones at least.
Nice nice.

Much slicker than 2.1, which in turn was so much slicker than 1.6.
Great to watch the Evolution of Android happening on one phone.
Now to spend months abusing Sony Ericsson until they put Icecream Sandwich on it.

While it works fine for me, it sounds like some users are having assorted crashes and failure.  Hopefully there’ll be another update.

Paolo Carreon

Official Gingerbread for the X10 is now here

The rollout has begun, some models will be updated within a week.

My Virgin mobile X10 is X10i CUST-AU GENERIC 1234-6150 – Released (2011-07-30)


I’d love some sort of confirmation that Optus is actually going to roll this out for it users.
Given the choice, I’d prefer not to have to go down into hacking to get this.

Julian Pinget

and baked before it reached the best before date!

Lucas Burnett

just 🙂