Update: Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S does support “HD Voice” (which Samsung refers to by its proper name, WB-AMR). Activate it through the service menu by dialing *#*#197328640#*#* from the phone dial, then select 5-Audio then 7-WB-AMR, and turn it on. If you have a SGS 2 on Telstra, let us know if this feature works for you.

Telstra today announced the introduction of HD Voice calling on their NextG network. What this is, is clearer voice calls on some newer devices thanks to some great new(ish) technology that allows a greater frequency of audio which in turn picks of your voice much clearer and can reduce background noise in the process. For a video of how that works you can hit the break.

But what caught our attention is that out of the 5 devices that Telstra says supports HD Voice calling out of the gate there is only one Android device, the HTC Desire S. This will of course be a great new selling point for Telstra, giving them a greater advantage over the other carriers. The Big T also noted that the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo will also fully support HD Voice calling, but made no mention of the Galaxy S II. Interesting. Hit the break for the video of how HD Voice works.



Source: Telstra Exchange.
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It works. I have an SGS 2 and my girlfriend has a Desire S, I noticed it the first time I called her. Great technology!


So anybody tested if it works after turning on WB-AMR on the Galaxy S2?
I don’t know anybody with a compatible phone on Telstra so I can’t test it~~
Was also wondering if it affects anything else since it was set to off by default. ^^


Any word on enabling it on the AT&T Inspire 4G?

Drew Freyling

Is there a definitive list of phone that support WB-AMR? I’ve heard rumours that my HTC Desire does?

Zane Kearney

this is just some firmware tweaks right? as opposed to some dedicated hardware; so why can’t sammy just release some drives and they be flashed onto the device, I’m pretty sure that there is at least one thread over on xda that is about bringing hd voice to the original sgs. 

bit dissapointing really, have been looking forward to this for while.

Buzz Moody

I believe it’s hardware as well, though I could be wrong. 

When Telstra said the Galaxy S II was going to be “NextG Optimised” HD Voice may have been what they were alluding to.


I think the technology is ARM-WB. A quick Google search tells me the sgsII does support that. But hey… who knows if that info is correct.

Buzz Moody

It would be very strange if it didn’t support it. We’ll soon find out.


you can turn on HD voice (WB-AMR) on SGSII through service menu. From dialler – *#*#197328640#*#* then 5-audio, 7-WB-AMR. ON.


So I actually have a Telstra branded SGSII, and that featurecode does nothing… Any other ideas?

Scott Ditchburn

I would hate to have a teenage daughter at this point


HD voice? Seriously?

Buzz Moody

Yep. It’s actually pretty cool technology. They’ve been using it on Orange in the UK for over a year or two I think.

Much needed increase to voice quality.Too bad it only works if you call from one HD Voice capable device to another.


“Too bad it only works if you call from one HD Voice capable device to another.”
That works for me: I bought SGS2s for myself and my girlfriend, HD voice would actually come in handy.

Buzz Moody

Lucky you! Also lucky for most of Team Ausdroid who own Galaxy S IIs and are on Telstra.