After the build.prop for the HTC Sensation for Telstra — which contains information about the device such as hardware and software options — leaked out online, the device’s information has become public information a little earlier than I imagine Telstra would have liked. There’s nothing terribly exciting to be found lurking in the build.prop, except for the inclusion of this on line 13

That one line enables HD Voice capabilities for use on Telstra’s network, which they’ve been flaunting lately. Now there’s the Desire S, Galaxy S II, Sensation and Xperia Neo all capable of HD Voice on Telstra’s NextG network. Hit the source link if you’d like to check out the build.prop for the Sensation.

Source: HTC Sensation for Telstra build.prop.
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Harry Farrelyy

I ordered my Z710a last week and received one today from electronicbazaar melbourne and received it on monday . Gr8 phone. without telstra logo as well. For some reason it says 4G on the box ? what does that mean. Happy with the data transfer spped on the nextg handset.


And thanks to jazacoop for pulling the build.prop for me.