Telstra news is all the rage today, and for good reason: device announcements and launches! Up next is the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II superphone. Although it has been available on every other carrier for the best part of a month, Telstra has been dawdling behind to ensure the device works perfectly on their impressive 850MHz NextG network. The device is $840 outright which is a massive rip, as we’re yet to see any major speed improvements over the generic i9100 Galaxy S II, or you can snag it on a two year plan for $20/mo on Telstra’s $59 Freedom Connect plan. Yep, pricey. There’s no doubt the Galaxy S II is the best smartphone out at the moment, but even still, there’s no need for such a high price. If you’re still interested, however, you can check out the source link to hit one up from Telstra online.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S II - Telstra Online.
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I have been a Telstra customer for about three years and am wrapped with the next G network. I have purchased outright a Samsung galaxy SII I9100 Next G compatible phone and as it is unencumbered (no carrier settings)… Can you please send me the appropriate APN settings so I can access the internet my mob No is 0414190727


i got the optus version of this phone thinking i could just swap to telstra.. the reception at home is pretty useless.. wonder if installing telstras gear will help reception or do i have to offload this one and but the 9100t


Telstra: I’m halfway through my contract with an N8, paying $20MRO and upon starting my contract was told that I would only have to pay out the remaining months MRO if I ever wanted to change phones. So I’m waiting like many for two months for Telstra to get the S2 and when they did and I decided I wanted to purchase it. However I was then told that I would have to pay out my full contract plus MRO (a total of about $1000) plus start a new contract should I want the S2, as a new type of… Read more »


I swapped from a telstra desire to an outright purchase sgs2 with no trouble-just did like you-took the sim out and placed it in new phone then loaded telstra settings-all done. The people from fonezone actually advised me to do it that way and just keep paying what I was before till the contract ends and then you can just renew it with more data download but without the mro charges (They even told me that this was the best and cheapest way to get high data download plans) so I guess it is more than likely not telstra but… Read more »


I got mine on Optus, then left Optus for Telstra. Flashed to clean 2.3.4, have turned HD voice on, have exceptional coverage and can achieve over 10Mb/s OTA for a fraction of the price.


How did you manage to do this?
im very interested in doing a similar

Darren White

Can someone do a side by side test with the T model and a Mobi model on Telstra and let us all know what optimised means in the real world. Is the bloat wear the price to pay for a better experience or not????


What is “Next G Optimised” about it? It’s already quad-band. 

Buzz Moody

The antenna was ‘tweaked’ to better suit Telstra’s network. No idea what that means in reality.

Read about the changes to the Telstra version here:


Possible modem tweks I assume. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to pull the telstra modem and flash it to a regular GSII.


Got mine first thing in the morning from JB Hi-Fi and with the free $100 voucher! Pretty happy with the phone/network so far. Yeah, the plans are a bit pricey compared to other carriers, but hey, for better and reliable network coverage…sure!


Probably not so much the expensive plans but more so the expensive device with a ‘tweaked’ antenna (which is probably software related) and Telstra bloatware.


Any chance of confirming whether it is an i9100, or some other model number?


The model is GT-I9100T


I supose we just need to extract the CSC compents and we’re laughing.