Americans and the like may be receiving their Android 3.2 update for the Asus Eee Pad Transformers right now, but don’t get too down, Australian owners, your update is only days away. Asus Australia have pointed out on their Facebook page that the update for Australians is expected to start rolling out on August 2nd, which is Tuesday next week. Whether Asus will be on time or not is yet to be seen, however, it’s nice to see a company get back to users in a timely fashion. Kudos, Asus.

Source: Asus Australia.
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prasun shakya

2nd august .i got my update OTA. just around 1:30 pm ..only issue currently i have is dock battery discharging issue ..

Terrence Chin

August 2nd isn’t that much of a wait, compared to the other manufacturers. Mine has been running fine on 3.1 anyway. Anybody notice much difference with 3.2?


Round pointer and now oppposite directions for 2 finger scrolling through dock which i preferred other way round.
No fix for battery drain on dock so back to asus repair for that.
Still finding brower crashing occasionally
Apps can be sized to fit


taiwan version, already here.

Andrew Sweeting

I have a US version so already here 🙂