Do you remember the Galaxy Tab 10.1v? You know, the device that went to Vodafone after being killed off by Samsung as they recreated it as the thinner, more Apple hating, Galaxy Tab 10.1. Anyway.. Vodafone has just put a list of Android devices up on their blog along with dates of software updates if they’re available — I’ll be putting up a post after this detailing their list. But for now I thought I’d concentrate on the Galaxy Tab 10.1v and its current state. Vodafone in this blog post (see source link) state that Samsung aren’t currently working on Android 3.1 for the 10.1v as they’re concentrating their efforts towards the 10.1.

Is in testing. Samsung are concentrating their efforts on the new GALAXY Tab 10.1 first and will then look to releasing Android 3.1 for testing for the GALAXY Tab 10.1v. No ETA has been set yet.

That’s right, early adopters who purchased the Galaxy Tab 10.1v — which was aimed at early adopters, by the way — are going to be left in the dark because Samsung are busy working on a device that Apple have somewhat stopped in its tracks. Samsung are working on a new variant‘ of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Australia that will apparently meet Apple’s standards and allow them to bring it to market hopefully in about a months time. Until then Galaxy Tab 10.1v owners, you’re on your own.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Are people actually surprised?? Are you actually complaining. If you actively sought out the 10.1v then your were most likely aware that it was a limited release. There were barely 50,000 for all of Australia in the first place. If i bought one, i wouldn’t expect much support because they had no intention to support it in the first place. 

The same way you buy a $29 no name pre-paid phone and don’t expect the best support is the same way you shouldn’t expect a lot of support for a tab that Samsung released to clear stock. 


This is absolute crap. I bought the 10.1v as they had announced it had no Samsung Overlays on top, and that updates would actually be faster as it was just a Google Stock Honeycomb Device. Now, we don’t even know what would happen. And there is NO customer support for this device at all. Vodafone says they’re waiting for Samsung to port later versions and the Samsung webpage doesn’t even have this model on their Tab link. Best thing would be just to flash it to the later versions as they come along. 


End of Life from Day One. I can’t believe people are putting up with this.


Had to choose between the 10.1v and the XOOM. Glad I picked the XOOM. Hopefully Telstra keep the updates coming now.


is the XOOM any good? I’ve been considering one myself 🙂


Really liking it so far, 3.1 update has definately made the os more stable. A few force close issues, but no more than i had with my Ipad. Tablet specific apps are slowly coming, just a pain to find. Has the occassional lag, but overall it flys along. Built well, feels solid,a tad heavier than the galaxy tab but to be honest I don’t notice it (same weight as the original Ipad). If you can get to a Telstra Shop or JB Hi Fi, worth going and having a play.

Mikhail Cass

Is that the 3G model? 

My XOOM Wifi has 3.2 got it for around $510 delivered from the states! My best buy yet! Currently Galaxy on Fire 2 has been keeping me distracted from the lack of tablet specific apps.


That sucks! And here I was hoping I’d get 3.2 soon lol


VF should now be pushing Sammy to provide the software update for the 10.1v – what happened to the 18 month “confirmed software update” model?

Buzz Moody

You will get the update… in the next 18 months.