Well there you go ladies and gents, Samsung Australia have indeed pushed back the launch event they had planned for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on August 11th, according to Gizmodo AU. Here’s what Samsung had to say.

Postponement of Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 Media Launch Event
11th August 2011

In light of the current legal proceedings by Apple Inc. against Samsung Electronics Australia, Samsung regrets to announce it will be postponing its media launch event, scheduled for 11th August 2011, for the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1.

Samsung will announce a new date for the GALAXY Tab 10.1 media launch event as soon as practicable.

With no known date of release, we’re expecting the launch event to be around the 29th of August when Samsung & Apple return to the Federal Court to sort out their playground fight.

Source: Gizmodo AU.
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I’m still confuse about which model will be the best…
Should I wait ’till the end of August to see if Samsung finally release their modified Galaxy tab or should I ask a friend to ship me one tablet from the US now?


Apple, Samsung,  GO TO YOUR ROOMS !  I’ve had ENOUGH ! I am sick and tired of your bickering and back-biting.  You can’t keep your hands to yourselves for a minute.  You can’t stand not playing with each others toys and just sitting there poking each other.  Keep your hands to yourselves. I have had enough of your childish behaviour.  You are both old enough to know better.  The next time you go running off to tell Mum that the other one has done or not done something, I promise you will not enjoy it !!! Now go to your… Read more »


And people wonder why I don’t like Apple!


So now this VARIANT as well huh. Down with crapple!


Does this not make sense to anyone else? Samsung released an official statement saying that the court order/agreement was in relation to a variant of the 10.1 that they had no intention of selling in Australia. But now they push back the launch event with the specific reason being the legal proceedings? Both those statements can’t be true …

Buzz Moody


James Woodley

I’m over the crApple domination crap.
Down with apple!


Who cares apple. People are going to import tab 10.1. Turns out it’s better because it’s much cheaper.