Do you remember NVIDIA’s Project Kal-El? How could you not? It’s NVIDIA’s Quad-Core CPU / Dodeca-Core GPU processing chip, and it’s going to rock your world later this spring. NVIDIA have told Android Central that “Project Kal-El-powered tablets are coming this Fall [Spring here], and phones around the CES 2012 timeframe”. This is extremely exciting news as we’ll be seeing gaming quality like that of NVIDIA’s ‘Glowball‘ on tablets very soon.

What I wonder is: When will Kal-El (Tegra 3) devices be updated to Ice-Cream Sandwich if ICS is going to be made for OMAP 4 at first. It took Google months to push out Honeycomb 3.2 which enabled CPUs other than Tegra 2, so will it be the same for ICS? Certainly something to think about before jumping in and grabbing yourself a quad-core tablet. Are you guys looking forward to the prospect of 12-core GPUs and intense gaming.. on phones?!

Source: Android Central.
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I REALLY hope google is working hard on making full use of the hardware in ICS. Honeycomb tablets have some nice hardware, but the lag is ridiculous. 3.1 hasn’t improved it much. 


i didnt understand. is there going to be 12 core tablet? and when if possible?


I’m all for bleeding edge tech, but Quad Cores on phones? cmon Nvidia. Id rather you do what Samsung are doing and spend your money investing in ways to increase battery life with Lithium & New battery tech >.>

Or at least pay a developer to make something that uses a dual-core …

Justin Harvey

google themselves have said they rushed out HC. i dont think they will do the same for ICS and seeing how many people jumped on the tegra 2 train i dont think they will want to piss them all off 


Crazy amount of processing power, difficult to see how it is required as the current generation of dual core phones seem to be running current softwre quite easily. I guess it’s up to the developers to create software that will utilise such powerful hardware.
I wonder if battery technology can keep up! Battery life is the weak point at the moment