Ever since March 11th when I first started working on Ausdroid and March 20th when the first post went up, I’ve spent a lot of time writing, reading, organising, talking and procrastinating, lots of procrastinating. So after having had discussion with the rest of the team (Chris, Lucas & Matt) over a period of a couple of months, I’ve decided to take a step back from Ausdroid to focus solely on my studies through the rest of Year 11 and onto Year 12. You guys — the readers — have helped shaped Ausdroid into what it is today, and I thank you endlessly for that. Aussie tech lovers are the best, and very opinionated which can always be fun.

I’ll still be sticking around to help out new editors when I’m needed and will try to keep the site’s back-end ticking over. I’ll also hopefully be on future Ausdroid Podcasts with the gents. We’re also looking at bringing an extra editor or two on in the next few weeks to fill the void, though I’m sure Chris will fill everyone in on that situation tomorrow.

You can still get in contact with me via Twitter (@BuzzMoody), Google Plus (+Buzz) and email (buzz[at]ausdroid[dot]net).

If you enjoy reading what I write, you can check out my personal site where I’ll be writing random Android related stuff and breaking news (that I’m sure will be picked up and posted here by whomever) like always, when I find the time. In the meantime, I shall be studying and trolling in the comments — I know Matty loves that.

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    Best of luck with your studies for years 11 and 12, Buzz.
    Hope you manage to earn great marks for them.


    Good luck with the rest of your studies, young man. 😉
    While we are going to miss your reviews and contribution, I’m sure that the rest of the Ausdroid team and the new writers will help this site go from strength to strength.

    We look forward to your return when your school studies are completed. 


    Best of luck with your studies mate 🙂 


    Good luck with your studies mate. Been reading the site and posting since you started. This site is the best for all things android in oz.

    We’ll miss you around here Buzz, but I’m sure I speak for the guys when I say I know you won’t need luck. But good luck anyway 🙂


    Like many others, I am shocked that you’re only just starting year 12. I thought you were much older.

    Good luck, although from the maturity and professionalism you have demonstrated on this site we all know you don’t need it.

    Allan Liu

    I always thought that you were in year 12 (I’m in year 11 as well). Good luck and remember, only 13 months to go! 😀


    Buzz. Good luck with the studies. Not too sure why you are bothering though. You already have a bigger following than most journalists. 
    Does this mean there will be no more epic Buzz reviews.


    I didn’t know you were in high school. From the way you write I thought maybe you were stepping back to finish your university degree. Good luck anyway Buzz!