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Lenovo have announced their IdeaPad A1 at IFA and it looks to be a fairly entry level model, but with a capacative screen and a name brand behind it, could this be a good bargain at $199?


  • 1GHz single-core ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • 3MP camera with an additional 0.3MP Front-Facing camera
  • 7″ IPS LCD @ 1024 x 600-resolution
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Released in Blue, Black, White, Pink colours
  • 8Gb of onboard storage – $199USD
  • 16Gb of onboard storage – $249USD
  • 32Gb of onboard storage – $299USD

Lenovo have advised that it will NOT be upgrading the tablet to Honeycomb or presumably Ice-Cream Sandwich, it does come pre-loaded with Navdroyd Offline GPS Software & Launch Zone widget. Lenovo are looking to launch this tablet around mid-late September. Question is with Ice-Cream Sandwich rumoured to be coming soon is a tablet loaded with Gingerbread going to cut it?

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    If Lenovo can keep the price sane for the Australian launch, this will shred the competition.
    Don’t forget what happened earlier in the year to the other tablets, when they were bought down to affordable, sane, clearout pricetags.


    While the specs are okay for the price. The lack of ics is a show stopper for me.

    So it falls into the galaxy tab 7 market. A big phone that doesn’t make calls? (easily)

    Paul Walker

    Price is great. Specs are fairly on par with the original (7″) Samsung Tab but at a much lower price point.