Another Android related announcement from IFA, Philips have announced a series of 3 Fidelio docking speakers compatible with Android phones and tablets.

The issue with having the many wonderful different iterations of hardware running Android is that placement of the Micro-USB connector can be different for each device. Philips are attempting to get around this with a unique connector design that adjusts in three dimensions to hold any phone in both portrait and landscape positions. To allow instant access to your music you can also pair your phone to the speaker docks via Bluetooth. Philips are also supplying a Fidelio Android App which offers additional functionality such as Internet Radio, Weather Alerts & Multi-Function Alarms.

Fidelio AS111

  • Output power (RMS): 4

Fidelio AS351

  • Output power (RMS): 10
  • Sound Enhancement: Dynamic Bass Boos

Fidelio AS851

  • Output power (RMS): 2×15 W
  • Loudspeaker types: Bass Reflex Speaker System

No price or availability was given, but after years of seeing dock after dock available for the iPhone it`s good to see a company recognising the growth of Android as an Operating System and the need for excellent accessories.

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    Awesome, When and where can I get one… Amazon the buggers wont ship to AU

    Mark Smith

    Wont help me with my Galaxy S as the micro USB is at the top of the phone but it’s a step in the right direction for sure.


    Yeh, absolutely it is about time Android was given some attention. I would like to see a company launch their Android app before their iPhone app for a change.


    I want the AS111, as an alarm clock dock for my LG Optimus One


    Will definitely get one for my SGS 2.

    Andrew Palozzo

    I like.. way too many iDocks…

    Google did talk about developing a USB / Android standard interface in ICS… so not sure if this is too early because that standard will really for all the android devices to communicate fine baring you can make the physical connection… 


    FUCK YES! Soooo tired of seeing iDocks, and seeing this makes me quite happy! Just need to wait till pricing gets released and seek it out ;D


    So it plays the music via bluetooth not over the USB connection right? How does it handle phones without A2DP?


    It won’t…. But I guess it can be used as a charger 🙂


    it plays through micro usb, and ALSO bluetooth. so if your phone doesnt support A2DP simply dont use the feature, just stick with micro-usb