Earlier this year at Google IO, The Executive Chairman of Google: Eric Schmidt announced the development of the latest version of Android – Ice cream Sandwich. In a stunning keynote address at the Dreamforce 2011 Coference, Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Ice cream Sandwich is set for a release in the October – November 2011 timeline which is the first “Official” information that’s been release for ICS since IO.

“We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/Nobember, which everyone’s really excited about.”

The full keynote address can be viewed here: (NB the video file is in excess of 1 hour in length.)

What really excites me about this announcement is the timing that coincides with the changes that are due in the market around the same timeline such as Telstra’s LTE network, Vodafone’s 850MHz network and the huge number of Tablets, Phones and Hybrids due across the coming quarter. These all make the release timing of ICS perfect for the Australian Market. Hopefully some of the rumored devices that are due around that time may actually release with ICS.

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    Nice.  Meanwhile I’m still waiting for a Gingerbread update from Telstra for one of it’s flagship Android phones, the Atrix!!!