The folks over at GSMArena have published a story based on some tips they have received from what they call a “well informed source from the industry” from the story we get the following rumoured specs :

4.65″ Super AMOLED screen with HD resolution(1280×720??)
Screen is curved just like the Nexus S
8.8mm thick (0.3mm thicker than SGS II)
Metal Chasis

The source also advised the name may actually be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus rather than the Nexus Prime, I`m not too sure about the name rumour as it would align itself more with Samsung than as Google`s Flagship Nexus so count me for one as sceptical on that one.

The source also advised that the launch date for the Nexus Prime will be at the end of October, which marries up quite well to Eric Schmidt`s comments from the Dreamforce conference yesterday where he advised that Ice-Cream Sandwich is due October/November.

Source: GSMArena.
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If these specs are right then I think I may have to update from my current phone…  Here’s hoping that the Super Amoled screen is not pentile, but I think it will be


“Please Note: The image is only speculative – we will update this page once more infomation is confirmed.”

Anon Canberra


These phones are getting too big…


Hearing that it might have a Metal Chasis makes me feel better about recently buying a Samsung Galaxy SII, I have no problem with metal chasis’ phones in general but I’ve recently become a fan of the lighter plastic built phones.

vijay alapati

Please make it 5 instead of 4.65 and i’m sold 🙂
want to replace my dell streak soon with a highend device 🙂


Maybe the Samsung tab 7.7 then?


Samsung Galaxy Note