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Whilst Google have not released Ice Cream Sandwich as yet, a representative from Sony Ericsson in the UK has advised a writer from Somobile in the UK that all their 2011 model Xperia phones come with support for Ice-Cream Sandwich. This would include the already released Xperia Neo, Play and Arc, no word on when this update would be available however Ice-Cream Sandwich is supposed to be due around the end of October or early November, however, Chris over at Slashgear has been talking with Sony Ericsson and has this comment from them:

“When it comes to future platforms of the Android OS, we will make them available to consumers in a timely manner, as long as they improve the user experience and are viable from a hardware point of view.”

I spoke with Sony Ericsson who advised that no official comment on Ice Cream Sandwich for their 2011 Xperia range had been made as yet, but Sony Ericsson have recently made the commitment to upgrade this years Xperia lineup to Gingerbread from October onwards which is fantastic news for Xperia owners, and i`m sure we`ll see Sony Ericsson working hard to deliver any future upgrades to their Xperia lineup as soon as they can if at all possible.

Source: SoMobileSlashgearSony Ericsson Blog.
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Mallardious Monk

One small concern here:  I have to wonder if they might not run into a similar problem as HTC did with the Desire.  The Neo and Arc at least only have 320MB of storage.  Android seems to get a little larger with each update — hopefully ICS won’t be too large to fit on these devices along with S-E’s customisations, but it’s probably something worth bearing in mind if you’re thinking about buying based on this news.

Dara Ing

people like to give SE so much crap.. being a previous x10 owner and now an arc owner.. i understanding a year or 2 ago they were dreadful but get with the times people.. there now releasing updates faster than any other OEM.. including your mock apples (samsungs) and HTC… i’m running 2.3.3 which has been further been updated a few weeks ago.. and the next update for 2.3.4 is coming at the end of this month.. so we’re averaging an update every 2 months or just under.. im pretty satisfied to be honest!!


OMNOMNOM Icecream Sandwich, I hope it comes before the end of next year hahaha.