There has been a noticeable amount of hype surrounding the HTC EVO 3D launching here in Australia, and now that it has been available on both Vodafone and Telstra for the past few days, we’re wondering how many of our readers went out and actually purchased one.

The pricing of the device from Voda & Telstra has been fairly high, so if you did buy one, what was the main reason? Power? 3D? Bragging rights? Let us know in the comments. We’ll be reviewing the EVO 3D in the next week or so, so keep a look-out for that.

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James "BlackHuey"

My Desire HD had a cracked screen, and I was sick to death of Vodafone.  They were the reasons (or excuses) for getting a new device.  Why the Evo 3d? Battery, screen and RAM.  The 3d is a gimmick.

NextG is worth the switch from Vodafone, who incidentally have called me twice in the 24 hours since I switched to ask my opinions of their service, apparently unaware I’d switched.  Perhaps if they’d cared about the quality of their service in the slightest before I left them, I may not have.  Worse than Optus, and that’s really saying something.


I got mine from France about a month ago and love that its basically just my Incredible S but with 3D photos. Yes, its only useful if you have a 3D TV to show everyone your shots on,
and have transferred all your holiday snaps from your Fujifilm 3D Camera to its memory card to also show.
But other than that I have hardly used the 3D feature, it’s just nice having the option.
And mine was $500 outright, none of this $900 business, silly Australia.

Tim Lampe

I had a play with one, but quickly made the decision not to get one. Just seemed blurry to me and the 3D video recording and photos can only be viewed on the phone itself or a 3d TV. Just seems like another fad to me. Not worth my money.


oh, basically what I am saying about the 3d is it’s overrated as a “3D” device and I got a headache after 5 minutes playing around with it.

Buzz Moody

Interesting. After playing with the Nintendo 3Ds I got bored of it, I’m yet to play with the EVO 3D and see if I get a headache.


I had a look at one of them the day it came out because I was rather pumped for it but in all honesty the 3D looks like you are looking into one of those old 3d hologram tazo’s you would get from a chip packet, I have a SGS2 from mobicity coming instead 😀


Haven’t seen an Evo yet but the LG 3d certainly had that effect. I thought I’d be sick if I kept looking at it. Nifty trick, but not what I’d want on an expensive smartphone