The clever people over at CVPCS have complied a pre-Alpha (ie, buggy as hell) version of VLC Media Player for Android. Although it’s exciting to see one of the greatest media players come to Android, it’s nothing to get too excited over as most of the features don’t work all that well and playback is buggy at the best of times.

Video playback at 720p and above drops frames everywhere and playing audio files can cause the app to force-close. If none of this puts you off and you just want to see VLC on your Android device, you can download one of the two version below.

Before you download the version you need, you must first work out if your device’s CPU support NEON. To do this, download a file manager for the Android Market and check out the file /proc/cpuinfo and see if NEON is listed in Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee neon vfpv3.

Download for NEON

Download for no NEON

Enjoy.. or not. Let us know how you go, and what you think. It has a lot of potential. There’s still no word on the official release date for VLC Media Play for Android.

Source: CVPCS.