Apple and Samsung have finished their slinging match in the Federal Court for today — they’ll be back in a week or so to continue — and what we’ve learnt is that Apple have dropped 6 patents from their claim, after negotiating with Samsung. There are still 4 patents that Apple claims Samsung is infringing upon and wants this sorted out before Samsung even thinks of selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 here.

3 of Apple’s 4 patents in question are: (2005246219) The manufacture of a capacitive touch screen; (2008258177) Selective rejection of inadvertent finger movements on a touch screen; (2007286532) Correcting a person’s finger movements when scrolling vertically on a screen. Samsung have said they’ll make 10 changes to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 before it launches here. More after the break.

Samsung’s 10 proposed changes include..

  • Placement of their logo on the front of the device
  • Seven user interface features removed (they’re not listed, except for one: The bouncing animation upon zooming on an icon or document)
  • A hardware and software change (once again, no specifics)

So it seems that Samsung are stripping down the interface wherever there’s a problem raised by Apple, just to get this device onto the market. It was meant to launch later this week, but has once again been postponed until both sides can reach an agreement. Perhaps Samsung’s counter-suit might persuade Apple a little bit.

Hit up the source link for a great read on the overall state of the lawsuit between the schoolyard bullies.

Source: IT News.
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!!!W0W!!! these guys are not giving up, if they continue to keep suing each other then they wont have any handsets or tablets come out because they continue to sue each other and everyone else before the product has even been released !!! whats that? you want my opinion! 🙂 well i’ll be glad to tell, i think they (Apple & Samsung) should hold a competition, it will be that they both have 1 year and 1 year only, to create a Handset that is the same in dimensions (only screen size really) but are running thier newest firmware/software aswell… Read more »


Fully support Samsung here. Will not buy an iPhone, Sammy purest now. Imagine if somehow apple made a amoled screen in HD and released it in iPhone 5 first and then told Samsung they couldn’t use it too. Its not like all this stuff was first thought of by apple. F u apple.


“A hardware and software change (once again no specifics)” – yet more fragmentation from Samsung….. sigh.


I do hope that Samsung come down very hard on the ipone five!
(spelling mistake intended)


One global company taking another global company to court and getting them to change “the bouncing animation upon zooming on an icon or document” is fucking inane in the extreme. Seriously. Was this worth taking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of legal action? “Please move your logo to the front and then remove a couple of bits of UI polish please! That’s better!”



When you think about the amount of potential sales Samsung have lost due to this, hell yes.

If they’re not buying 10.1’s they’re buying iPads.

Anthony Jackson

i never buy ishit again i owened a ishit 3g and it was pure shit and i played with a ishit4 no difference samsung is 10 times better then the ishit will ever be 


Hope you washed your hands afterwards 😛

Mick Lang

I was offered the choice (from the minister of war and finance) of an ipad or a galaxy tab 10.1 a month ago.  I chose to wait for the galaxy and I would like to think a lot of others have done the same or purchased one online through mobicity or the like.


yep, just got the Sammy online. couldn’t wait any longer cause who knows how long Apple will continue being jerks. Funny thing about choosing the sammy was that it came down to the Xoom or the Galaxy, it was the weight of it in my wife’s handbag is what won the day LOL