Viber — the free messaging application I wrote a review of a week ago — have plans to add to their platform base by adding both a Windows and MacOS programs to their collection. This addition will mean that you can message your friends and family for free, not only from your phone, but your PC and/or Mac too.

I enquired with the developers of Viber as to their intent on a desktop environment for their app and got a very prompt response:

Thanks for contacting us,

We also want to release the new version of Viber for PC/MAC Desktop as soon as possible – just like you! We are presently working on it. However we don’t have an exact release date for you as of yet.

Stay tuned for release updates, visit us on Facebook and Twitter:

Perhaps this will make Viber a viable option over the battery chewing skype for cross-platform messaging not only in the smartphone market, but also pc/mac to phone and vice versa in the not too distant future? Let’s hope so.

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    Borland J

    All talks and no play. Viber hasn’t done anything on this front. If you see people have found solutions such as the one at and it works just fine. Why bother Viber?

    Zest Jet

    Few days cannot get access code for Viber on iPhone 4S…Disspointed… Support nothing doing…Everybody very busy?


    They are also doing blackberry. I don’t think we will see viber on the desktop for a long time yet.

    Peter Hatley

    I still prefer Skype – it is “everywhere”. Especially with the Microsoft acquisition, facebook integration, and I’m sure MSN soon to follow. And don’t forget Windows 8 will optionally use a MSN login too, so will likely tie in as well.

    Having said that – I don’t know anyone who has skype on their phone. But I discovered this the other day and have 26 contacts! I know lots of people with skype, but desktop only 🙁


    Hell no!

    The last thing we need is yet another proprietary messaging protocol.  What is wrong with using XMPP and Jingle for messaging and talk over a standard protocol. On android there is Beem, Xabber and of course gTalk, iPhone has got Talkonaut and probably some others and there are a slew of compatible desktop clients available for it.

    Why you would lock yourself into a little walled garden like this is beyond my comprehension!

    Alex Carlos

    I think only one word is necessary …